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CK Hiderigami (rus. НК Хидэригами) is a Legendary customization kit in Crossout.


Changes appearance of the melee weapon HarvesterHarvester.

This appearance is the embodiment of an evil spirit that can conjure droughts. It's hard to escape from Hiderigami... but when you see it, it's the only thing on your mind.

  • The customized item cannot be traded.
  • Only one CK can be applied to an item.
  • Removing the CK allows the item to be sold.


Receiving on Other Servers[]

China logo This article is about exclusive items on Chinese servers.


Unknown master that got fame by rebuilding the cabins this time tries himself in weapons. Like before, the shapes remind of the original, but looks defferent. Several initiative Engineers since that time have been trying to solve the secret of the artisan, but supplying trader keeps silent, and other attempts lead to dead end. Last informer states, that the master lives somewhere far in the East, in the lands of Brotherhood, or even farther. Seems like the search for mysterious master-engineer will have to be delayed once again.