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Steel Gladiators This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Steel Gladiators».

CK Frankenstein (rus. НК Франкенштейн) is an Epic customization kit in Crossout.


Changes appearance of cabin HumpbackHumpback.

The "Humpback" cabin is famous for its enormous size and high tonnage, for which it was once in high demand in the Valley. Now the shredded parts for this cabin were literally lying around underfoot. With the appearance of arenas, the useful qualities of "Humpback" came back into demand. The Firestarters gathered all this metal and put it all together. Sure, "Humpback" doesn't look like it did before, but the important thing is that it's alive.

  • The customized item cannot be traded.
  • Only one CK can be applied to an item.
  • Removing the CK allows the item to be sold.