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CK Backbone (rus. НК Остов) is a Rare customization kit in Crossout.


Changes appearance of cabin TruckerTrucker.

The cabin "Backbone" built by a mysterious artisan still shows traces of the original, stripped to everything but its every bones.

  • The customized item cannot be traded.
  • Only one CK can be applied to an item.
  • Removing the CK allows the item to be sold.
An unknown craftsman removed everything from the “Trucker”, and only left its “bones”. Yet the new “Backbone” still shows clear signf of the old model, imposing and very solid.

And if you'd never tried heavy machinery before, because it didn't look crazy enough, finally there's a good reason to do it.

Prophecy of Vala:
Time is out Wasteland God. It's nor evil nor good. Time does not require worshiping or prayers. Sit by the river. Look at the river flow. And you will understand how time burns everything. Old life, memories and backbones of our last loyal friends - armored vehicles...