The Waderkvarn corporations owned large areas in the south of the valley, where laboratories and high-tech manufacturing facilities were located, as well as small enclosed campuses serving them. The interests of the corporation have always been directed to the future, and several revolutionary patents protected in recent years before a catastrophe brought huge profits.

The founders have always taken very seriously, almost paranoidly, the protection of information. So no one knows to the end exactly which secret objects were built on the territory closed to the public, and what experiments were carried out there.

One of such objects, discovered only many years after the catastrophe, turned out to be an almost untouched private cosmodrome with a launch vehicle prepared for launch. Was it an escape attempt? But where? And why the ship was not launched? Survivors of little interest in these issues. But the valuable resources and materials found in the town at the spaceport, made it the scene of constant battles.

Cosmonautics Day

In the Wastes, they love to tell a story about two sworn friends who often argued on clever topics and gathered around themselves many who wanted to watch their fierce scientific debates (which were usually accompanied by strong words and, if lucky, scuffle).

Then one day the dispute began about the seemingly immutable truth - the form of the Earth. One, foaming at the mouth, argued that it was flat and always was, and space was a big fiction, invented by people before the disaster. The other one was indignant to such blueness as a friend and ignored all his strength to dissuade him: he showed old textbooks, attracted fellow scientists and even turned to Riley for advice! Nothing helped. The two buddies fought in earnest, and the friendship turned into enmity.

The disputes did not subside for several months, until the second friend had run out of patience. He found a man in the Wastes, who had worked in the space program before the disaster, and under his strict guidance cleared the old shuttle of the Broken Arrow from dust and sand, dragged a friend into it and sent ... into orbit. This was to convince him! Such an argument has nothing to oppose!

The plan was perfect. But when, shortly after the start of the shuttle, it deviated from the course, it turned out that the “specialist” found in the wastelands was working ... as a cleaner at the flight control center.

Witnesses of the start disagreed about what happened to the shuttle. He certainly did not encounter the firmament, because there was no explosion, but he did not go into the stationary orbit. So it is not known who won the dispute. The poor man of the cleaner, just in case, was pulled up on the nearest post. And the missing shuttle? Until now, people are looking at the sky: suddenly come back.


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