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Bridge is a location in Crossout.


Only about twenty years have passed since the disaster. Most cities have become completely unsuitable for life. At the same time, cities remained one of the most important survival factors. You can still find something in them that will help the community or faction survive. But the path to the city is full of dangers. Hot collisions occur even on the distant approaches.

And on such suburbs you can see the remnants of attempts by the government and the army to keep the situation under control in those most terrible days ...

Here and the roadblock at the entrance to the city of refuge - an unsuccessful attempt to protect themselves from the full dangers of the world of post-apocalypse. What was waiting for the remnants of humanity on the other side of the barricades? What they faced and what they couldn’t resist, will be prompted by the panoramas of the “Bridge” map in the post-apocalyptic MMO action game Crossout.


  • Climbing up is especially dangerous at the beginning of the match, as you will be open to enemy fire. Stick to the river if you are not sure about your car.
  • The river has many shelters and allows you to effectively hide.   
  • Note that puddles are extremely dangerous: Because they slow you down, which makes you a good target for enemy fire. However, if you use a car with "ML 200", you will not lose much speed in the water, which allows you to get away from wheeled vehicles. "Icarus VI and VII" ignores the water.