Bot controlled vehicles fill in gaps in matches in Crossout to make sure there are eight players on each team.All bots assume a random common English name, consisting of: Peter, Kenneth, Sofia, Ethan, Helen, Helge, Joshua, Dave, Kevin, [CONTINUE LIST]


The bots have a simple AI: Find and destroy enemy players. If they can't find enemy vehicles, they proceed to attempt to capture the enemy base, or defend their own base. Bots use a variety of weapons, including but not limited to Plasma emitters, turret cannons, machine guns and more. Often bots that use cannons have better aim than humans using them, being able to nail artillery shots from across the map should they be able to take the shot.

Builds and vehicles

The bots in Crossout have a total of [NUMBER FIGURE] builds, some of which are faction builds, such as the Scavenger tier 3 blueprint. These builds vary in style and some of which are based on player designs. Some have large design flaws such as exposed generators and weapons, flimsy structural design and poor mobility. Others perform extremely well in combat.

Turreteer 2 x Synthesis

2 x DT Cobra

1 x Quantum

1 x Gasgen

1 x Hardcore

1 x Chameleon

2 x Small tracks

6240 All around brawler focusing on medium range and area denial with its deployable turrets. The synthesis weapons are mounted on top of the turret modules.
Turreteer Rear
Turreteer front-side
Junker 2 x Junkbow

1 x Spectre II

1 x Quantum

6 x Double Wheels

5908 Point blank to medium range vehicle using its pair of Junkbows and its medium range machine gun. Has a wedge tactical front, making frontal approach lethal if you're not careful.
Junker front damaged
Junker side
Flying Aurora 2 x Aurora CLS

1 x Spectre II

1 x Pilgrim

1 x Ampere

4 x Icarus VII

6260 Hovering mars rover build with two Aurora combat lasers on the cab and a spectre mounted to a tower.
HoverAurora Side
Rocket Plough 2 x Cricket BRL

1 x Growl

1 x Cheetah

4 x Spiked Wheels

5750 A fast and agile build with a pair of deadly multirange rocket barrage launchers. Adorned with bumpers and protective dozers rendering it protected against ramming, but has a huge rear blindspot.
Rocketeer front
Rocketeer back
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