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Steel Championship This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Steel Championship».

Bobble-ball (rus. Боббл-мяч) is an Epic decoration for changing the appearance of an armored vehicle in Crossout.


Once the inventor of this ball heard that before Crossout drivers used to put toys with springs inside their cars... however, he never learned that they'd actually put them inside.

  • Does not stop the blast wave.
  • Increases reputation gain by 4%.


  • Exclusive item of event Steel Championship:
    • 2019 – reward for joining rating league Palladium (1500–1699 rating points).
    • 2020 – craft at Fan Tent workbench.
    • 2022 - rewarded at level 25 while having bought the battle pass.
  • Randomly at opening of Fan containerFan container.


Fan Tent 0.11.50
250 × Scrap metalScrap metal
450 × CopperCopper
500 × WiresWires
250 × PlasticPlastic