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Remote settlements in the Blood Rocks began to fall silent one after another. But who cares about wilderness far from the main life, from resources, from centers of power and authority? But if the number of disappeared settlements is increasing every month, then even the most near raider will be suspicious.

The ruins of the industrial complex encircling the Blood Rocks have long been known in the Wastes. Many buildings, mountains of twisted rusty iron, skeletons of permanently frozen mechanisms — all this initially attracted the attention of survivors who hoped to profit by something useful, but almost everyone who went here disappeared without any traces.

Recently, the terrain in valley has been seriously transformed, and now the raiders of several factions are trying to get on, protecting their camps and territories from the encroachments of outsiders.

Most of the territory is controlled by the gang of Mad - Porcupines. They chose their old headquarters as their headquarters, remaking them for housing and an abscess of additional passages inside the rocks. They call their house - Nora. Chief among them is the raider, known in the Wastes as Fierce Hedgehog.

In addition to Porcupines in the Scales, you can easily run into small gangs of completely feral Mad. Leaving alive from them is a great success.

Scavengers still retain a small outpost in the east of the Rocks. They are actively producing oil and fighting. But more often hit them on the sly.