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Big Bad Burners is a brawl in Crossout.


According to legend, monsters are born in fire, but according to rumors, monsters are fire, so who's stopping you from becoming the same monster of the underworld and burning your enemies, grabbing new victims along the way. © Archick

All players are given exactly the same armored vehicles on four Icarus VIIIcarus VII hovers equipped with two flamethrowers FirebugFirebug, SkinnerSkinner and two HermesHermes boosters.

The task is to score as many kills as possible in 4 minutes of the battle. If several players have the same number, then the highest place is occupied by the one who died less times during the battle. If the player dies, they will automatically respawn after 3 seconds.

Brawl Features[]

  • Available only in game center.
  • 8 survivors participate in the battle.
  • Vehicles are pre-installed, you do not need to buy anything.
  • Parts do not fall off (the machine has a common hitbox).
  • The durability of the armored car is 465 units.
  • Fuel in boosters does not end.
  • Infinite ammo.
  • Armored car repair available.


  • There are no rewards or experience gain in this brawl.

Interesting Facts[]

  • The armored car of the user under the nickname k1real24 was taken as the basis and then finalized together with the Flame Raiders community team.