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The legendary mercenary Wolfhound has stopped contacting his customers a long time ago. Of course, many thought that the Valley had ruined him, but in fact it was a man who tried to do so. Which is not surprising, considering how many enemies a hired killer can have.
One night, when Wolfhound arrived at a routine meeting with his client, the mercenary was ambushed. The abandoned plant, where the meeting was supposed to take place, was turned into a pile of rubble and dust, but the vigilantes could not find Wolfhound’s body in it. They couldn’t find his car either. The mercenary’s enemies celebrated their victory and went on with their lives, forgetting about Wolfhound like a bad dream.
But a few years later, one of the vigilantes fell into a familiar snare, and seconds later all that was left of his armored car was a flaming pile of metal. One by one, those who had once tried to destroy the mercenary began to die under similar circumstances, and all of them met the same unfortunate end. Wolfhound has returned, but he stopped killing for money. Now all those who had once used his services started to die. The rumors about the emergence of a terrifying ghost named Barghest started to spread around the Valley. People just couldn’t believe that the mercenary could have survived that attempt on his life, and decided that he had really become a ghost. A far more dangerous and terrifying ghost than Wolfhound himself had been.