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This is a special chain of missions that is accessible from Adventure game mode and that will tell you about some of the secrets of Crossout and about the world in which the game takes place.

The list of story missions Awakening icon"Awakening" available in Adventure mode.

1 - Unknown Signal
2 - The Challenge
3 - Bladespines Routine
4 - Baptism by Fire
5 - Phantom Menace
6 - Hunting the Hunter
7 - Free the Slaves!
8 - Wretched Hole
9 - Brain Wanted
10 - Big Heist
11 - Kapkan
12 - The Experiment
13 - Free Energy
14 - Sabotage
15 - Urgent Delivery
16 - When the Fire Nation Attacked
17 - Life of a Gladiator
18 - Moment of Truth


  • Each Survivor can complete the whole storyline from beginning to end only once.
  • Yet even after completing the storyline, the player can still join the mode in two ways:
    • A random single harder version of any previous mission is available to every player once a day with a requirement of lvl 10, PS 2400.
    • As part of a group to help their friends complete the story missions. The reward for repeatedly completing the plot missions this way will be reduced.
  • Missions are marked on the map in orange. When approaching the starting point of the mission, you will see red smoke from a flare.
  • For completing the “Awakening” story missions, the player gains experience for the Co-driver, reputation (both with the Engineers faction and with the second selected faction), a new resource Engraved casings, Scrap metal and Copper.
  • The mission can be cancelled or restarted from the beginning at any time. To do this, open the location map and select “Cancel mission” or “Restart”. The mission also restarts automatically if the player's vehicle is destroyed, or if the mission is failed. When the mission restarts - this will fully repair your vehicle.


This will be a random mission from the above list that will be offered once all of the above missions are completed, and this one itself can be completed once a day.

A harder version of a previously completed task.

Sometimes it's nice to dwell on the past, relive the events of the days long gone. Do you agree?

Requires: lvl 10, PS 2400

  • Objectives will be those of the specific mission above that is offered as a daily replay mission.