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Scar AB travelled the world a lot, visited its most remote parts and saw enough. Now he has calmed down a little, settled down and engaged in collecting.

The success of the Rat King and his arena pushed the faction head to action. Tons of fans, glory in the Wasteland — Scar AB loved this. And he wanted the same, and more importantly, he could have the same.

However, the collector and wealthy inhabitant of the Crossout world is capable of something more than arranging another arena bloodbath with the groaning dying and smoking debris.

No bitter loners — only team play. No murders — leave the notorious violence to the Rat King and his talking monkeys, serious guys play by serious rules. And let everything be of respectable size: a huge field and a huge ball, assembled from steel strips and reinforcing bars. Excitement and passion — just like in the better days of the old world!

The main conditions of the mode:

  • Players can take part in the mode as a group, or individually as part of a randomly selected team.
  • Each match takes place in the 3vs3 format.
  • The game lasts 5 minutes.
  • Players can not destroy each other.
  • The team that scored more goals against the opponent wins.
    • In the case of a tie, an overtime is added to the regular time.
    • Assemble your team and play as one, because during overtime the first goal scored leads to victory.
    • Overtime lasts 5 minutes.
    • If during an overtime, neither team scores a goal, then the match ends in a draw.
  • Participation in the brawl counts towards completion of 9 successful battles in brawls.

‘Steel Championship’ brawl time

  • From June 7 to June 14, the ‘Steel Championship’ replaces all other brawls and is always available.
  • From June 15 to June 21, all other brawls are returned to the rotation. The ‘Steel Championship’ remains available on an ongoing basis.
  • In the future, we plan to evaluate player feedback and statistics on the new mode. Based on this, we will decide on the need to include it in the permanent schedule.

Rewards for participation in the ‘Steel Championship’ (can be obtained only during the in-game event)

  • For 1 victory in the brawl the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 1’
  • For 3 victories in the brawl, the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 4’
  • For 5 victories in the brawl the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 7’
  • For 8 victories in the brawl, the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 9’
  • For 10 victories in the brawl, the player receives a unique ‘Number One Hand’ decor.
  • For 15 victories in the brawl the player receives a unique decoration ‘Goat Hand’.

Attention! To receive each subsequent reward, you must win the number of battles that are specified in the conditions. After receiving each trophy, the win count is reset.

New map: ‘Central Stadium’

This year, the Scavengers will play the role of hospitable hosts and open the doors of their base for those whom they already call athletes. Everyone will be able to assemble a team and try to drive a huge ball into the opponent's net, taking part in the new Wasteland entertainment — football.

New pack ‘Third Half’[]

Attention! This pack is a time-limited offer. You can purchase it from June 7 to July 16, 2018.

Do not miss the chance to join the army of football fans in the Wasteland and become the owner of the unique armored car ‘Fan Van’!

The pack includes:

  • Unique armored car: ‘Fan Van’;
  • Unique horn of legendary rarity: ‘Vuvuzela’;
  • Unique decor of legendary rarity: ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Red Eye’ flares;
  • Unique hero portrait: Hector;
  • Unique sticker of relic rarity: ‘Ball in the game’;
  • Unique paint can of relic rarity: ‘To the championship!’;
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 40;
  • 500 in-game coins.

Hector is not only the most violent football fan in the Wasteland, but the best sports journalist in the Valley. Some joke that this is only because there are neither sports, nor journalists anymore after the disaster. But this guy is really good at everything concerning loud shouting, whistling and brawling.

He always wanted to associate his life with sports and move up from the grandstands somewhere else where the other fans would hear and see him, and when the world went to hell, he decided that the apocalypse is not an excuse to give up his goals. Idealists are having a hard time, so Hector often remained without a livelihood, but Scar AB recently noticed him and invited him to help organize the Steel Championship.

Hector crossed the Valley in his fan van to get to the ‘Central Stadium’ alive and unharmed. But this bright structure attracted the harsh inhabitants of the Wasteland and became directly associated with him.

Game Modes[]



  • Now, to lift and drop the cargo in raids, it is required to hold the 'R' key (by default).
  • Disabled the mechanic of damage reduction, depending on weapon rarity and raid difficulty.
    • Now in easy raids, epic, legendary and relic weapons deal 100% damage.
    • Now in medium raids, legendary and relic weapons deal 100% damage.

The war for fire

  • Now, when the third cargo appears, the players need to protect the truck and not the tower.
  • The mode ends in victory, if the truck is intact, and all the enemies on the map are destroyed.

The last convoy

  • Removed the enemy turret, located next to the player spawn on the map ‘Dead Highway’.
  • Improved the truck's blueprint. It no longer contains explosive modules.

Perimeter breach

  • Fixed a bug where raiders with charges in the ‘Perimeter Breach’ raid could appear in points inaccessible to players.


  • Improved new engine sounds.
  • Added an option that allows to disable automatic replacement of cabin sound with engine sound.




  • Now the drone, which appears after the destruction of the cabin, is invulnerable for 1 second.
  • Increased drone structure from 100 to 200 pts.
  • Damage from drone destruction increased by 30%.
  • Improved drone maneuverability.
  • Maximum drone speed increased by 17%.

Developer comment: ‘We decided to make the drones invulnerable to damage for a short period of time, so that the player managed to navigate after the destruction of his car and to exclude the destruction of the drone by an accidental projectile. We also improved maneuverability, maximum speed and explosion damage so that the drone would feel like the revenge of the player pursuing his abuser’.


Small track

  • Lateral traction of the track is increased by 50%.
  • Angular velocity increased by 25%.

Hardened track

  • Lateral traction of the track is increased by 25%.
  • Angular velocity increased by 25%.

Developer comment: ‘We decided to increase turn speed of light and medium tracks to make them more competitive, compared with other purple movement parts. We also increased lateral traction of the tracks to reduce the occurrence of drifts associated with an increase in angular velocity’.



  • The cooling time of the parts is increased from 1 to 5 seconds.

Developer comments: ‘We consider the heating and, accordingly, the weakening of enemy parts a fairly important gameplay element, primarily aimed at encouraging team play. But the rapid cooling down does not actually allow anyone to take advantage of this mechanic, except for players with weapons with the heating effect. Therefore, we increased the cooling time of heated parts to 5 seconds, this will give allies time to concentrate fire on the weakened parts. This change will affect all weapons possessing the effect of heating the parts, namely: Aurora, Incinerator, Mandrake, Draco, Firefly and Porcupine’.

Minelayer ‘Fortune’

  • Projectile structure increased from 10 to 50 pts.

Developer comment: ‘When facing an enemy with shotguns or other high-speed weapons, Fortune was often completely ineffective, as all the shells were knocked down by tight enemy fire. With the increased structure, the shells from Fortune will become more difficult to knock down and some of them will hit the enemy’.

Turret ‘Barrier IX’

  • Hull durability increased by 40%.
  • Shield size increased by 38%.

Developer comment: ‘We consider the Barrier IX turret as a support weapon, effectively used in team interaction. Therefore, we decided to increase the size of the shield, so that a greater number of allies could hide behind it’.

Catapult ‘Incinerator’

  • Reloading speed increased by 17%.
  • Rotation speed increased by 100%.
  • Projectile explosion damage increased by 50%.
  • Projectile flight speed increased by 13%.
  • Minimum aiming angle reduced by 25%.
  • Fire puddle radius increased by 57%.
  • The rate of heating the parts from the fire pool is increased by 50%.

Developer comment: ‘We have significantly reworked the parameters of the catapult, making the aiming more convenient, and controls simpler. With new characteristics, players will be able to follow the movement on the map better and smoke their opponents from the strengthened positions’.


  • Changed weapon model

Harpoon ‘Skinner’ and minelayer ‘Kapkan’

  • Now, if the harpoon hits the target, the cable can not be disconnected for 1 second.

Developer comment: ‘Most often the harpoon cable breaks off at the moment of hitting the enemy because of the high speeds of the cars. We decided to make the cable unbreakable for a short time after hitting to reduce the number of random cable breaks’.


Weapon booster ‘Tormentor’

  • The amount of additional damage dealt is increased by 66%.
  • Reloading speed increased by 17%.

Developer comment: ‘After the melee weapon rebalancing, mounting a Tormentor became less efficient for players. To boost the effect of the module-weapon link, we increased its efficiency and reloading speed’.


  • The mechanics of the radiators have been changed: they no longer increase the heating limit of the weapons and modules, but reduce the heating received from each use (for example, from each shot).

Developer comment: ‘The old mechanics of the radiators led to a decrease in the efficiency of the coolers installed with the radiators, since they had to cool the large value of the heating limit of the part. With the new mechanics, the coolers will cool the weapon equally efficiently with both the radiators and without them’.

Improved radiator

  • Improved part model

Developer comment: ‘The design of the part has remained the same, but the textures are now more optimized, which allowed to reach better quality. We also decided to emphasize the purpose of the module through visual design by replacing the logo’.


  • The ‘Overwrite blueprint’ button is returned to the blueprint window.
  • Added a timer to the notice about the clan application block. Thus, the player can always check how much time is left before the block is removed.
  • Now, in the build mode, the window with information about the vehicle becomes transparent if the player points the cursor over any particular item.
  • A test function to hide the display of the armored vehicle at the maximum approach of the camera to it has been launched In the brawl "Steel championship".
  • Now, when you open the news feed, the garage interface is not hidden.
  • Weapon group 5 is assigned to the ‘Shift’ key by default.
    • If the key was rebound by the player, the custom bind is preserved.
    • If default keys are in use, weapon group 5 can be activated with the ‘Shift’ key and the ‘F’ key.


  • A number of texts, descriptions and icons have been improved.
  • Improved a number of effects
  • Modified the collision model of the gun ‘Little boy 6LB’.
  • Modified the collision model of the cabin ‘Bat’.
  • Modified the collision model of the part ‘Torino Wing’.
  • Improved the location of the capture point on the map ‘Broken Arrow’.
  • Now the drone ‘Fuze’ and the drone, which remains after the destruction of the cabin ‘Werewolf’, are painted in the colours of the module / cabin.
  • Line of sight of the automatic cannon ‘Cyclone’ has been improved.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where raiders could get stuck in the elements of the environment on the maps ‘Dead Highway’ and ‘Broken Arrow’.
  • Fixed a bug where the animation of tracks did not match the distance traveled.
  • Fixed a bug where a player could see incorrect notifications about the results of his Leviathan's participation in battles.
  • Fixed a bug where the barrel of the 'Caucasus' mounted on a Leviathan did not return to its original position after the destruction of the enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where crafts with a large number of boosters could boost an allied craft and destroy it.
  • Modified model of the cabin ‘Bear’. Fixed a bug with a gap between the cabin and the parts installed on it.
  • Fixed a bug where after the self-destruction in the ‘Perimeter breach’ raid, the cargo and the charge remained at the place of destruction of the armored car.
  • Fixed a bug on the ‘Factory’ map, where on certain crafts it was possible to get on the roofs of buildings.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect rotation of the mini-map depending on the direction of movement of the armored car.
  • Fixed a bug where the auger could damage parts that were not meant for that.
  • Fixed a bug where the Leviathan with the automatic cannon ‘Cyclone’ fired in intermittent bursts.
  • Fixed incorrect operation of the timer, displaying the time until you can join a clan.

Small update 09.06.18[]

  • Adjusted player spawn points during the last phase of the "War for Fire" raid;
  • Fixed a bug where the Werewolf cabin drone would not become invulnerable for 1 second after the destruction of the cabin;
  • Improved client stability;
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the 'Steel championship' brawl.

Small update 15.06.18[]

  • Improved various in-game texts
  • Updated several interface elements

Small update 19.06.18[]

  • Updated several interface elements.

Small update 25.06.18[]

  • Improved client stability.