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Greetings to all Survivors! Despite the fact that there are hardly any opportunities for conquering space in the wasteland, we still wish you a happy Cosmonautics Day! On this occasion, we're launching one of the few surviving shuttles on the map Broken Arrow. Also, take a look at the first changes in the Battle Royale mode and the updated mechanics of boosters.

Map ‘Broken Arrow’[]

Survivors in the Wasteland tell stories about two best friends who often argued about clever topics and gathered many people around them who wanted to watch their fierce scientific debates (which were usually accompanied by strong words and, if they were lucky, fights).

And then one day the argument touched upon a seemingly established truth — shape of the Earth. One vehemently claimed that it's flat and always was flat, and space is a big fiction, invented by people before the disaster. The other was indignant to such ignorance of his friend and pushed with all his power to dissuade him: he showed old textbooks, included fellow scientists, and even sought advice from Riley! Nothing helped. Two friends were locked in the battle, and friendship turned into enmity.

Disputes did not abate for several months, until the second friend ran out of patience. He found a man in the wasteland who worked in the space program before the disaster, and, under his sensitive guidance, cleaned the old shuttle at the Broken Arrow from dust and sand, dragged his friend to the shuttle and launched it... into orbit. This had to convince him! There was nothing that could oppose this argument!

The plan was perfect. But when, shortly after the launch, the shuttle deviated from the course, it turned out that the ‘specialist’ found in the Wasteland had worked... as a janitor in the flight control center.

The witnesses of the start differed in their opinion about what happened to the shuttle in the end. It certainly did not collide with the heavens, because there was no explosion, but it did not reach a stationary orbit. So it is not known who won the dispute. The poor janitor was hung on the nearest post just in case. And the missing shuttle? People are still looking at the sky: it may come back.


We remind you that all fragments of paints and decor, as well as recipes in which they are used, were withdrawn from the game. This applies only to the fragments that could be obtained as a reward for participating in battles, as well as within the rewards for daily entry into the game. Whole decor and paint have not disappeared and remain in your storage. They can all still be sold or purchased on the in-game market.

Game Modes[]


Battle Royale[]

  • Added leaderboard.
    • The player, who has the first place in the table by the end of the week, receives a unique decor ‘Royal Trophy’
    • At the end of each week, the leaderboard will be reset.
    • Decor can be sold and purchased on the in-game market.
    • To view the leaderboard, you need to open the ‘Battle Royale’ mode on the world map and select the ‘Leaderboard’ button in the lower right corner of the brawl description.
  • Now, if you leave a battle before its completion, you can see your final place in the battle history.
  • Modified ‘rare’ armor models.
  • Autocannon ‘AC72 Whirlwind’ has been added to the list of parts available on the map.
  • Now the armored car wheels block 20% of the damage dealt to them.
  • Players no longer have a starting stock of ammunition.
  • The number of ammunition crates on the map is increased, each box with ammunition gives 25% more shells (except missiles).
  • Damage from the storm no longer removes the effect of a repair kit.



  • Changed booster mechanics.
    • Now the time of the effect depends on the duration of holding the corresponding key.
    • With continuous use of the booster, the level of its heating increases.After reaching the critical point, the booster cools down. It can't be used during this time.
    • Now radiators and coolers work on the boosters.
    • Special booster fuel is now used for operation of boosters (not the same fuel, which is required for participation in raids).
    • For each booster the fuel reserve is limited:
      • Avia Booster - 60 units of fuel per battle/race.
      • Rocket Booster — 80 units of fuel per battle/race.
      • Hermes Booster — 100 units of fuel per battle/race.
  • Booster fuel supply can not be increased by installing additional modules.
  • The previous options for upgrading the boosters were replaced by new ones:
    • ‘Active module time increased by 10%’ replaced by ‘Time to overheat increased by 10%.’
    • ‘Module recharge time reduced by 20%’ replaced by ‘Cooling time reduced by 10%.’


  • A number of texts and descriptions have been improved.
  • The model of the AGS-55 Impulse grenade launcher is improved.
  • From now on the players do not receive the 'Found in the wasteland' container in the 'Big black scorpions' brawl.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where some parts could hang in the air.
  • Fixed a number of errors on the map ‘Blood Rocks’.
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of an armored car in the ‘Battle Royale’ mode near or in the same place as the enemy armored car.

Hotfix 12.04.18[]

  • Fixed the bug with VCRUNTIME140.dll

Hotfix 13.04.18[]

  • Improved a number of in-game texts