Crossout Wikia

Survivors! Welcome to Crossout 0.9.30! Do not fear those dangerous tusks of the ‘Boar’, as you are always able to tame the wild beast and make it your ally in fierceful battles of the Wastes. Also, pay attention that each Survivor now has his or her own personal file and that the interface of daily challenges has become much more intuitive!

Crossout — ‘Wild Hunt’ pack[]

  • Contents of the pack include:
  • Unique armored car: ‘Boar’
  • Unique cabin ‘Tusk’. Like a real boar, it can build up rage and tear the enemy apart with one strike of its tusks.
    • Cabin type: light.
    • Energy reserves: 12 pts.
    • Power Score: 1800 pts.
    • Tonnage: 4500 kg.
    • Weight limit: 8000 kg.
    • Durability: 245 pts.
    • Weight: 550 kg.
    • Unique cabin perk: For every 100 m., traversed by the car, the collision damage increases by 100% Stacks up to 3 times. Please note that only the damage done by the cabin is increased.
  • Weapons: two ‘rare’ shotguns ‘Sledgehammer’
  • Hardware: ‘Weapon Cooler’ and engine ‘Dun Horse’.
  • Unique hero portrait: ‘The Hunter’
  • Unique paint cans: ‘Boar scalp’ of relic rarity.
  • Unique sticker: ‘Eye of the Beast’ of relic rarity.
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55.
  • 1000 in-game coins.

The Hunter used to prey on wild animals, and liked to keep the trophies that adorned his hut and car. Now he hunts people. His victims are easy to identify, because their bodies often lack a finger, a tooth, or something worse. People say that The Hunter keeps these treacherous trophies in his lair. But, frankly, one shouldn't believe rumours.  After all, no one knows where this lair is, not to mention coming back from there alive.

Personal survivor file[]

Survivors! Now you have the opportunity to view your feats on one screen!

In order to see the Summary of another player, you just have to right-click his nickname in the friends list or in the in-game chat and then select the option: ‘View persona file’.

In order to view your personal file, enter your profile (left-click your portrait in the upper right corner of the screen).

In the section ‘Personal survivor file’ you can see the ‘Summary’ tab, which contains the following information:

  • Section ‘Machines in the Garage’. It contains information about the armored cars in car slots and the Leviathan (PS and 2 parts of the highest rarity, as well as images of the armored cars that are in the slots at the moment);
  • Section ‘Faction reputation’, showing the Survivor's progress with a particular faction, including prestige levels;
  • Section ‘Survivor Stats’:
    • The total number of points earned with medals;
    • Number of battles in missions;
    • Number of battles in raids;
    • The number of opponents destroyed in missions;
    • Average kills per battle (in missions).

Also in this section you can find out the following information about the produced parts:

  • The total number of parts produced of each degree of rarity;
  • Number of upgraded parts;
  • The number of purchases and sales made in the in-game Market.

Game Modes[]

Clan battles

  • Now, at the start of a clan battle, the matchmaking system will wait for a short time to connect all the players to start the battle simultaneously for all participants and provide conditions for a fair fight in the 4vs4 format.


Cargo race

Difficulty level: ‘Hard’

  • Damage of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’ faction is reduced by 10%.


Difficulty level: ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’

  • Damage of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’, ‘Scavengers’ and ‘Nomads’ factions is increased by 10%.


Structural parts

Oblique strut

  • Part durability increased from 12 to 16 pts.
  • Part weight increased from 29 to 37 kg.


  • Improved challenge tab interface. In the updated tab, you can always track the progress of the current seasonal task.
  • Description of each battle on the world map now has hints about the game mode and opponents.
  • Improved resource icons.
  • Added descriptions for purchased special packs.
  • Re-arranged items and parts in the sections ‘Decor’ and ‘Customization kit’.
  • Now when loading your saved blueprints, the game will automatically select a car slot or the leviathan slot, depending on the type of armored car you are loading.


  • A number of graphical effects have been improved.
  • A number of changes in the graphics settings:
    • Added a new level of graphic settings ‘Excellent’.
    • Slightly changed the settings for ‘High’ graphics quality.
    • Moved the option ‘Highlights Auto Capture’ to the ‘Game’ tab.
    • Changed the order of options in the list.
    • The ‘Reset’ button now starts the procedure for auto-detecting optimal graphics settings.
  • Improved a number of descriptions.
  • Some icons have been improved.
  • Added effects of armored car assembly for the ‘Auto-assembly’ mode.
  • Added effect for completed challenges and seasonal tasks.
  • Now a player who is in queue for a battle can not invite other players to the group and can not be invited to the group until he leaves the queue.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved a number of maps.
  • Fixed a number of errors in texts
  • Fixed a bug with the countdown to the start of the battle in the ‘Storm Warning’ and ‘Free for All’ brawls.
  • The name of the neutral base has been clarified in several cases.
  • Fixed an error in the description of the container ‘Steel Cavalry’.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Incinerator’ catapult having the ‘time to overheat’ parameter.
  • Improved Raider team picks.
  • Improved game client stability
  • Fixed a bug where the order of checkpoints in ‘Race’ was not displayed in order.
  • Fixed a bug with insufficient number of turning wheels on one of the raiders.