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Survivors! Preparation for the release of the new faction ‘Dawn Children’ is in full swing, and soon you will be able to try out ingenious inventions from ‘gadgeteers’ of the wasteland in combat. Today we offer you a small preparatory update, which carries some changes to the balance of weapons and modules. In addition, we are pleased to announce that all players receive a unique paint ‘Army of viewers’ as a gift in honour of the fact that the number of subscribers to our official Russian-language channel on Youtube has reached 50,000 people!

Unique paint ‘Army of viewers’


All that is required of you to get it is to launch the game from 13:00 GMT on September 13 until 13:00 GMT on September 20 - the paint will be available in your warehouse! For those players who do not enter the game during this time, the paint will disappear from storage.

Paint ‘Army of viewers’

  • Rarity: epic.
  • Paint can be sold or purchased through the in-game market.

Game Modes[]


  • In easy raids the number of participants in the group was reduced to 4.

Developers comment: ‘After some observation, we came to the conclusion that increasing the number of players to six did not make the mode better, but, on the contrary, added excessive fuss to the process of raiding.At this stage, we decided to reduce the number of participants in the group back to 4. This will allow players to more accurately coordinate their actions and distribute roles, as it was before.Thank you for participating in the testing!’


MM5-4 Vector[]

  • Weapon damage increased by 10%.

Developers comment: ‘Vector had shown good results due to synergy with coolers, but because of the change of the latter, the gun's efficiency in combat fell.A small increase in damage should compensate for this.’

‘Spitfire’ shotgun[]

  • Weapon damage reduced by 15%.

Developers comment: ‘Spitfire had higher damage and structure, which compensates for its small angle of fire.We consider such compensation excessive and are sure that even with damage at the level of other shotguns, Spitfire will remain an effective weapon.’

‘Caucasus’ Machine Gun[]

  • Structure of the machine gun is reduced by 40% (from 492 to 300 pts.).
  • Turn speed reduced by 75%.

Developers comment: ‘ Before the upgrade, Caucasus was a universal tool against all crafts in the game.Increased structure, as well as automatic aim, were the main reasons for its use in the so-called bot herders. These changes add some vulnerabilities to ‘Caucasus’ and make it more balanced relative to the rest of the weapons in the game.’



‘Fuze’ drone[]

  • Drone structure reduced by 25% (from 200 to 150 pts.).

Developers comment: ‘Since its inception Fuze has shown itself as too effective on the battlefield.Ignoring the drone could have ended pitifully for almost any player. In addition, often, the damage simply was not enough to destroy the approaching threat. As with the Sidekick, this change will increase the chances of players to remain intact in the confrontation with the kamikaze drones and does not affect its damage.’

‘Sidekick’ drone[]

  • Drone structure reduced by 25% (from 200 to 150 pts.).
  • Spread increased by 15%.
  • Fixed a bug where drone damage could increase by 50%

Developers comment: ‘As part of the update 0.7.40, Sidekick's damage was increased by 100%, which was a necessary measure due to its extremely low level in the previous iteration.However, this module proved to be too effective in combat. Reducing structure and increasing spread during shooting now allow players to effectively fight the drone without loss in the damage rates of the drone itself.’

Attack drone[]

  • Range reduced by 25%.
  • Spread during firing increased by 15%.

Developers comment: ‘This change should force players to move closer to the enemy for an attack, this will make the game more risky and will require more skill from players using attacking drones.’

This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.