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Survivors! As part of this update, we have made important changes to Raids and Brawls. Significant balance tweaks of weapons and modules were made.  New portraits for ‘Steppenwolfs’ faction have been added. We also added 2 new containers, which temporarily replace the existing ones, as rewards for being in the game for 2 and 14 hours.

Also we’re working on an enhancement of our matchmaking system. In battles, where players ride vehicles of high PS, all the participants should be matched so, that both teams would be as balanced as possible. Speaking about low PS battles it’s important to mention that some players shouldn’t have any overwhelming advantages over other players due to their weapons or equipment. We’ll announce separately, when the updated matchmaking system will be launched.

Game Modes[]


  • Added respawn points in ‘Escort’ raid.
  • Now the destruction of turrets, towers and their defensive structures counts towards minimum participation in ‘Siege’ raids.


  • In all Brawls, the amount of reputation obtained for the place occupied according to battle results is corrected.


  • Increased the amount of received reputation.
  • Now the race is available on the ‘Two Turrets’ map.

Big black scorpions[]

  • Now participation in this brawl counts towards seasonal tasks that require a certain number of victories or destruction of opponents in brawls.

Storm warning[]

  • Corrected the amount of scrap received for the place occupied according to results of the brawl.



Autocannon AC43 Rapier.[]

  • Energy consumption reduced to 4 units.
  • Power score of the weapon reduced to 740 units.

AC72 Whirlwind.[]

  • Energy consumption reduced to 5 units.
  • Power score of the weapon reduced to 1175 units.

Developers comment : Autocannons were not effective enough compared to other weapons, this change is intended to correct this and give the opportunity to increase the efficiency of autocannons with additional modules.

MG13 Equalizer[]

  • Damage reduced by 10%.
  • Bonus damage when using a unique skill is increased by 5%.

Developers comment: We want the influence of the unique Equalizer feature on the experience of its use to be higher.This change is also aimed at improving the synergy of the minigun with radiators and is designed to make the weapon and its use with other modules more interesting.

Shotgun BG2 ‘Goblin’.[]

  • Damage increased by 20%.
  • The weapon now has 50% penetration (50% of the enemy damage to the shotgun passes through it).

Developers comment: The new shotgun did not turn out as good as we wanted.The large dimensions and complexity in use were not fully compensated for by low power consumption and additional contact damage. These changes are designed to make assemblies with Goblins more competitive.

Shotgun ‘Thunderbolt’.[]

  • The structure of the gun is reduced by 10% (from 154 to 139 units).

Developers comment: We want structure of the parts to match their size and weight.This change is the first step along the way.

Turret cannon ZIS-34 ‘Fat Man’.[]

  • Added a unique feature of the gun: a direct hit from the gun speeds up the recharge until the next shot for 0.5 sec.

Developers comment: Although Fat Man is a fairly effective weapon, but due to not having a unique skill, it lost to other epic weapons and did not reveal itself fully.This change is intended to fix this.

Clarinet TOW[]

  • The speed of the missile in the first phase is reduced by 60% (the phase of manual flight control), in the second phase — by 70%.
  • The speed of the rocket's turn is reduced by 20%.
  • The acceleration of the rocket is removed.
  • Damage dealt by the rocket is reduced by 70%.
  • Recharge time reduced to 7 sec.
  • The duration of the guided flight was increased to 11 seconds.
  • The lifetime of the rocket is now 15 seconds.

Developers comment: Recently Clarinet was often found in battles at low PS, where players are not experienced enough and are not ready to counteract this type of weapon.Also, because of the high speed of the flight, the rocket was extremely difficult to bring down, and often there were bugs in the behavior of the rocket. With new corrections, the missile should become more vulnerable to quick-fire weapons, and small and fast armored cars will have a chance to dodge it. In addition, thanks to these corrections, we want to solve the problem with the incorrect behavior of the rocket in flight.Reducing recharge time reduces the cost of a miss in combat. We would also like to note that we will continue to work on weapons in order to make it as balanced and interesting for players as possible.


‘Sidekick’ drone[]

  • Damage dealt by the drones is increased by 100%.

Developers comment: Like the previous improvement of the Sidekick, this change is aimed at increasing its competitiveness and bringing the module to the level that was originally intended for it.


  • Changed the mechanics of radiators.Now, instead of increasing the heating limit, they will reduce the speed of heating for the weapon. Due to this change the radiator still increases the duration of continuous shooting, without affecting the cooling time.

Weapon radiator.[]

  • Reduces heating rate by 25%

Improved radiator.[]

  • Reduces heating rate by 50%

Charged radiator.[]

  • Reduces heating rate by 70%
  • Added a unique feature of the radiator, which gives a bonus to the duration of the shooting.It increases with the speed of the machine. The bonus gives an additional effect of reducing the speed of overheating to an already existing one.

Weapon cooler[]

  • Increases weapon cooling speed by 50%.

Improved Cooler[]

  • Increases weapon cooling speed by 70%.
  • There is a feature that gives a bonus to efficiency depending on the speed of the machine.The lower the speed — the higher the bonus. It gives an additional effect of reducing the heat rate to the already existing one.

Developers comment: Earlier, the mechanics of the radiators work, together with the increase in the maximum duration of the shooting, also led to an increase in the cooling time of the weapons, which made them less useful than we would have liked.In the new version, we removed this negative effect and corrected the efficiency of radiators.

Current coolers have too high efficiency for modules that consume only 1 unit. Energy.The damage of some assemblies with them could be more than doubled. Also, the increased efficiency was often leveled by the radiators, which they put in pairs. The new parameters correspond more to their low power consumption.

New unique features of the epic radiator and cooler are designed to emphasize their differences and bring more variety in the design of machines.

Invisibility module ‘Chameleon’.[]

  • Duration is reduced to 6 sec,  cooldown time is reduced to 25 sec, and requires only 1 unit of Energy.
  • Invisibility module ‘Chameleon Mk2’.
  • Duration is reduced to 10 sec, cooldown time is reduced to 25 sec, requiring only 1 unit of Energy.

Comment of the developers: We believe that the advantage that invisibility modules give were difficult to realize because of high energy requirements.Chameleons often lacked space in many interesting builds. Active time and recharge time have also been adjusted to the changes in power consumption.


We examined player feedback about the new container system and decided that it needs to be reworked. As a result, we added 2 new containers to the game, which are intended to replace existing ones, as rewards for being in the game for 2 and 14 hours.In them we decided to remove the temporary details. It is worth noting that within the framework of the new system, we plan to periodically change the contents of these containers to constantly offer players new and interesting loot!

  • ‘Adventurer Container’. Issued for being in the game for 2 hours a day. From the container you can get:
    • 20 in-game coins with a small chance.
    • A rare non-tradable part (except for wheels) with a small chance.
    • Engineer flag with a small chance.
    • A common part with a high chance.
  • ‘Miner's Container’. Issued for staying in the game for 14 hours a week. From the container you can get:
    • 200 in-game coins with a small chance.
    • Epic non-tradable part (except for wheels) with a small chance.
    • Engineer standard with a small chance.
    • Uncommon part with an average chance.
    • A rare non-tradable part with a high chance.
  • Changed the ‘Legend’ container.
    • Active time of legendary part received from the container after its activation is increased to 24 hours.

We would like the rarity of containers to more accurately reflect their contents.

  • Container of decorations.
    • Rarity is changed to ‘Common’.
  • Getter's container.
    • Rarity is changed to ‘Rare’.
  • Container ‘Found in the Wasteland’.
    • Rarity is changed to ‘Common’.


  • The exhibition prohibits downloading of blueprints with an outdated arrangement of parts.



New portraits[]


Now, upon reaching level 2 the faction, the player gets a new portrait ‘Gunther’

  • The old artilleryman, who has seen much, tries to preserve a civilized appearance even in the wastes.Always clean-shaven and sharply dressed. After all, his face is the face of the Brotherhood. Even if this is the last thing that the ‘savages’ see.

Upon reaching level 7 with the faction, the player gets a new portrait ‘Elvina’

  • In the past — a trusted agent of the General, doing the most difficult tasks to eliminate the objectionable.When her differences from a pure person could no longer be hidden under makeup and dark glasses, she was disgraced. A trip to the east with the Wolves detachment became the last opportunity to serve the Brotherhood.

Upon reaching level 15 with the faction, the player receives a new portrait Tomasz.

  • The major personally selects fighters into the detachment.He needs not only the best, but also those who have no place in the headquarters. Those in whom the changes have gone so far as for them to be sentenced to death. After all, who, except the monster, can defeat another monster? Especially if he owes you your life.

For the players, who had already reached 2, 7 or 15 levels of progress before the update these portraits are will be available in the nearest future.  


  • The interface of rewards in battle has been improved.
  • Improved medal interface
  • The graphic settings interface has been improved.
  • The icon for displaying the drone on the minimap is changed.
  • The description of the packs in the Store is improved.
  • Minor interface improvements.


  • Now when you write messages to  chat, the automatic scrolling of the chat is turned off.
  • Now you can change the size of the chat window.


  • Improved gamepad controls.
    • The handbrake function is now assigned to the LB (Xbox One Gamepad) or L1 (PS4 Gamepad) button.
    • The fourth group of weapons is now assigned to the B button (Xbox One gamepad) or O (PS4 gamepad).


  • Blueprint of the armored car ‘Survivor’ from the pack ‘Immortal warrior’ is improved.

Bug Fixes[]

  • The description of the parameters of the front-mounted ST-M23 Defender is corrected.
  • The description of parameters of the shotgun BG2 ‘Goblin’ is corrected.
  • The horn “Express” of an epic rarity was added in the Decor Container
  • Improved game client stability
  • Fixed a bug with a Porcupine barrel fire puddle generation when it exploded on top of tall crafts.
  • Fixed several map bugs:
    • Terminal-45
    • Lost Coast
    • Station ‘Control-17’
    • Old city
    • Desert Valley
    • Fortress
    • Factory
    • Abandoned Power Plant
    • Eastern Array
    • Test-Drive
    • Bridge
    • Rock City
  • Fixed a loss of focus in the price entry field.
  • Fixed a bug where flying drones saw further than the player.
  • Fixed a bug where the bag interfered with the launch of the drone.
  • Fixed a bug where the drones launch module did not reload.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying false messages about fire support.
  • Fixed a bug where shotgun bullets flew through the cabin.
  • Fixed a bug where camera rotation was blocked at the exhibition.
  • Fixed a bug with twitchy drone markers on the mini-map.
  • Fixed a bug with the sound of gasoline transfusion.
  • Fixed a bug with involuntary Mandrake fire.
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of the effect of hitting shells at long distances.
  • Fixed a bug that led to the possibility of the appearance of one machine above the other.
  • Collision model of the ‘Radar’ part is improved.
  • Fixed a bug with spontaneous interface switch to gamepad mode.
  • Fixed a bug with the cabin ‘Humpback’.
  • Fixed the sound of moving forward.
  • Fixed a bug with accounting for the use of miniguns when completing seasonal tasks.
  • Fixed a bug with buying fragments when the warehouse is almost full.
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Lamp block’ decor.
  • Fixed a bug with bonus display from the flag in Brawls.
  • Fixed a bug with no effect of destroying enemies.
  • Fixed a bug with being unable to use jacks on a car without wheels.
  • Fixed a rare error with displaying new players in the clan lists.
  • Fixed a bug with Clarinet TOW reloading indicator.
  • Fixed a bug with workbench switching when manufacturing parts.
  • Fixed a bug with ammunition in the ‘Tramp’ pack.
  • Fixed a bug with truck durability display in the raid ‘Heist’ raid.
  • Fixed bug with the black list.
  • Fixed a bug with ammunition painting.
  • Fixed bug with GL-55 Impulse effects.
  • You can no longer damage the pumpjack with self-destruct in Defence mode.
  • Allies are no longer damaged by explosions from barrels and the like during self-destruction.
  • You can no longer damage the truck with self-destruction.
  • Relic fragments can be bought from the market with a full warehouse, they do not take up space in the warehouse.
  • Big black scorpions — a timer on the map now matches the game timer.
  • You can no longer become invisible for the duration of the perk after a stun from Hammerfall or GL-55.
  • Blueprints with temporary and common parts are now built correctly, if some of the parts are not available.