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Survivors! We invite you to look at the details of the new Crossout update 0.7.20! As part of this update, we added a new kind of brawl, opened clan battles, introduced a new PvE map, made regular balancing changes to weapons, improved game chat interface, and made many more changes to various aspects of the game.


New map ‘Two Turrets’[]

The geological feature in the form of twin peaks always attracted strange types here, and the catastrophe only aggravated the situation. Different groups of fanatics and madmen fought for many years to control this handful of rocks until a series of explosions brought down the coveted rocks on their heads.

Today enterprising adventurers come here in search of military equipment wreckages and valuable artifacts. So the war for the peaks continues, though on a smaller scale.

The map is only available in ‘Cargo Race’ mode.

Faction Flags[]


Show everyone that you are proud to bleong to your faction!

  • Added new craftable parts — faction flag and faction standard.
  • Mounting a flag of the player's faction gives a 9% bonus to the earned reputation.The raised flag also gives a 3% bonus to the reputation for all team members who belong to the same faction, including the player himself. Thus, the overall reputation bonus for the player is 12%.
  • >Mounting the standard of the player's faction gives a 90% bonus to the earned reputation.The raised standard also gives a 10% bonus to the reputation for all team members who belong to the same faction, including the player himself. Thus, the overall reputation bonus for the player is 100%.
  • Flags of additional factions can be built on workbenches that produce rare parts of the relevant factions.Flag of the Engineers faction is created on the workbench.
  • Standards of additional factions can be built on workbenches that produce rare parts of the relevant factions.The Engineers faction does not have a standard.
  • Flags and standards are temporary parts.
    • Temporary parts are given to the player for a certain period of time.At the end of this time interval, the part disappears.
    • The countdown starts from the moment when the flag / standard is interacted with in the warehouse.
  • Faction flags can not be traded.

Game Modes[]


New brawl ‘Big Black Scorpions’[]


It's time to show everyone your sniper skills! No strength in numbers and no allies — only enemies and your skill and reaction!

  • Within this brawl, each Survivor is provided with absolutely identical armored cars — fast and light.
  • They are equipped with vertical accelerators that add maneuverability and allow you to make unexpected and spectacular somersaults in the air.
  • The relic pulse accelerator ‘Scorpion’ installed on them is capable of converting armored cars into a heap of scrap metal with a single shot.

Your task is to destroy as many rivals as possible and try to avoid the same fate yourself!

Death is not final, but brings your rivals closer to the coveted victory.

  • The player who destroys the greatest number of enemies before the end of the allotted time wins.
  • He receives scrap as a reward and a DIY container.
  • Also, in accordance with the rest of the brawls, participants receive fragments of special rewards.

Clan battles[]

Engineers urgently need uranium ore! Nobody knows why, but they pay for it generously. Every week they broadcast the coordinates ore deposits so that free adventurers could carry the ore on their own.

But now a full-scale war is on for the uranium deposits. Loners perish in an instant in the brawl for uranium, so survivors form clans together.

  • The tournament will be held in test mode on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:
    • From 19:00 to 23:00 MSK and from 03:00 to 07:00 MSK  for PC players;
  • Any player from the clan can play.
  • A group of 4 members of the clan can join a battle.
  • You can only fight against players of another clan.
  • The clan gets points for participation in battles.
  • Points form the clan's rating, which determines its place among other clans.
  • Victory in battle increases clan rating, defeat — reduces it.
  • The task of the clan is to take the highest possible place in the tournament.
  • At the end of the tournament, the clan players receive a reward (uranium ore), the amount of which depends on the clan's place in the tournament.
  • The reward at the end of the Tournament is given to all players in the clan, that took the high place in the leaderboard, at the time of the reward.
    • 1st place - 50 ore to each player.
    • 2-10 places - 30 ore to each player.
    • 11-20 places - 20 ore to each player.
    • 21-30 places - 10 ore to each player.
  • Introducing an additional restriction for clan battles: at the end of the week only those players who participated in at least 10 battles with the clan will receive the reward.
  • The rating is reset by the next tournament.
  • After a victory in each clan battle, players have a small chance to get a fragment of a relic part.Uranium ore and fragments are necessary for the creation of relic details.


The number of players in easy raids may be increased to 6.


  • Reduced damage from mines.
  • The probability of meeting stronger opponents is lowered.


  • Difficulty: easy.
    • The difficulty of opponents from the Scavengers Faction has been reduced.
  • Difficulty: medium.
    • The difficulty of opponents from the Scavengers and Lunatics has been reduced.
  • Difficulty: hard.
    • The difficulty of opponents from the Lunatics, Scavengers and Engineers has been reduced.

Cargo race[]

  • Difficulty: medium.
    • Strengthened opponents from the Lunatics, Scavengers and Engineers.
  • Difficulty: hard.
    • Strengthened opponents from the Lunatics and Engineers.


  • Difficulty: hard.
    • Strengthened opponents from the Lunatics, Engineers and Scavengers.


The truck won't get lost any more!

  • Modified truck behaviour.
    • The truck no longer stops after a collision with an ally, but continues to move with minimal speed.
    • The truck no longer stops if all players have moved beyond the escort radius, but continues to move at a minimum speed.
  • Balanced different truck routes on all maps.
  • Reduced convoy difficulty with Lunatic enemies.
  • Difficulty: easy and medium.
    • Strengthened opponents from the Engineers.

System for changing weapon appearance

  • Workbench for production of "Artisan container" and "Paint container" can be rented for 1 and 5 applications.
  • The rental price is 150 and 750 coins, respectively.




  • Thunderbolt
    • Damage reduced by 10%.
  • Hammerfall
    • Damage reduced by 15%.

Previously, it was enough to approach the enemy and destroy all its weapons with one shotgun volley, leaving it completely defenseless. With this change we want to increase the importance of maneuver in combat. Now the cost of errors and unsuccessful attacks will be much higher.


  • "Mammoth"
    • Damage increased by 10%.
    • Durability increased by 10% from 1061 to 1167.

Prior to the current update, "Mammoth" did not feel like the most powerful and heavy gun in the game. An increase in weapon structure, coupled with increased damage, corrects this situation. Now the updated "Mammoth" fully deserves the right to be called a "legendary" weapon.

  • Executioner 88mm
    • Fixed a bug with ‘Executioner’ piercing too much armor. The cannon fires armor-piercing projectiles, exploding after piercing 80 structure pts. or 90 cm. of armor.
    • Projectiles explode on hitting any parts except for structure and decor.

Executioner's priority task is dealing damage to important modules. In previous versions ‘Executioner’ often pierced parts and dealt minimal damage. The updated cannon fits its role much better.


  • Clarinet TOW
    • Now the missile is capable of flying over water and acid.



Attack drone[]

  • Damage reduced by 20%.
  • Spread is increased by 33%.
  • Structure is increased by 100% from 50 to 100.
  • Range is reduced by 60%.

Attack drone was the ultimate weapon against vehicles with a low Power Score due to high accuracy and range of fire. This allowed to maneuver with impunity and keep to the maximum possible distance without loss of efficiency. Drones were equally effective against heavy and light vehicles. This significantly violated the balance in battle. These changes are aimed at ensuring that this module is used, in general, against machines with heavy weapons.

‘Sidekick’ drone[]

  • Range increased by 100%.
  • Spread is reduced by 30%.
  • Increased movement speed.
  • Improved artificial intelligence of drones.

"Sidekick drone" showed low efficiency, regardless of the Power Score. Now the drone will be able to show the best result in combat thanks to improved AI, as well as increased range of fire.

Expanded ammo pack[]

  • Dimensions reduced to 2x3x4.



  • Small wheel
    • Improved appearance.


  • Recipes for production of a number of parts have been reworked.


  • Now the Bulldog co-driver's ability, obtained at level 12, reduces shotgun cooling time by 5%.



  • Added the ability to select a quick message with the mouse.

Debriefing window[]

  • Improved resource gain description.
  • The statistics tab has been improved.


  • Improved control schemes on gamepads.


Expanding the possibilities of chat!            

  • Now when changing the language of the game client, the chat channel changes.
  • Added new chat channels:
    • Channel for rookies;
    • Channel for clan search;
    • Channel for group search.


  • The button for loading blueprintshas been improved. The buttons "Exhibit" and "Load" have been switched.


  • Improved the pack purchase button.

Other changes[]

  • Improved a number of other interface elements.
  • Returned the rested bonus indicator.


  • NVIDIA HBAO+ technology has been added to the graphics settings of the game.
  • While in a group, when replenishing fuel, it is now possible to choose how much fuel to pour into the tank - a full tank or just the amount that is needed to participate in the raid.
  • Now the players who left the battle before it is finished receive no reward.

By this change we would like to emphasize the importance of each battle, and also that the process of rewarding players should be the same for everyone. In addition, players who left the battle after each unsuccessful collision, spoiled the game experience for other team members.

  • Now replacing an AI with a real player takes place without the bot machine being blown up.

Bug fixes[]

  • Improved a number of maps:
    • Lost Coast;
    • Factory;
    • Desert Valley;
    • Rock City;
    • Old city;
    • Founders Canyon.
  • Fixed a bug with the Leviathan reward.
  • Fixed a bug with welding points on the cab Jawbreaker.
  • Fixed a bug with adding time in "Cargo race".
  • Fixed some bugs in the login window.
  • Improved a number of text strings.
  • Fixed a bug with the "First Blood" sticker being given for destroying "Sidekick" drones.
  • Fixed a rare bug with double-queued battles.

This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.