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Survivors! With this update, our project transitions to Open Beta Testing stage, and now everyone can join the ranks of the Survivors. Progress on all accounts is reset, but with the start of OBT, the contents of all packs purchased during the closed beta test will be re-issued.Simultaneously with Crossout's release into OBT on PC, the game became available for free on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

New Faction ‘Steppenwolfs’[]

Steppenwolfs are one of the factions that make up the influential organization ‘Brotherhood’ alongside the ‘Scavengers’. The wolves are an elite squad, performing dangerous missions in difficult conditions. They are the Brotherhood's punishing sword. And Steppenwolfs are led by Major Eric Stahl nicknamed Ironhand.

In the past, Steppenwolfs, in general, were military. Later, a lot of people joined the faction.  But the backbone, the basis of the Wolves, was precisely those who survived and helped to survive the civilian population in the most difficult years right after the catastrophe .And now the faction prefers to use the latest developments of military scientists and engineers.

The faction "Steppenwolfs" can only be joined by players who have reached reputation level 25 with Engineers.

New parts have been added together with the new faction.


  • Cabin ‘Jawbreaker’
    • Rarity: rare
    • Energy reserves: 11.
    • One of the two main cabins of the Wolves is ‘Jawbreaker’.The harsh appearance immediately betrays its military past.
  • Cabin ‘Humpback’
    • Rarity: epic
    • Energy reserves: 12.
    • It is designed for particularly powerful machines capable of carrying the faction's equipment and weapons.


  • APC wheel
    • Rarity: rare
    • These are particularly durable and stable wheels taken from military armored personnel carriers.They are heavy, but have great tonnage.
  • Mechanical legs ‘ML-200’
    • Rarity: epic
    • Mechanical legs have low speed, but great durability. They allow you to compensate for the impact and momentum of enemy explosions and move across the battlefield in creative ways.


  • ‘Mandrake’ Howitzer
    • Rarity: legendary
    • Huge firepower, the ability to inflict damage to a group of enemies from a distance, while in cover.
  • ‘Caucasus’ Machine Gun
    • Rarity: epic
    • Automatic defence complex.Independently fires at enemies that are close enough to the host vehicle.
  • Clarinet TOW
    • Rarity: epic
    • Guided missile.Within a few seconds after launch, the operator can set the missile's flight direction with the camera tracking the flight.


  • Sidekick drone
    • Rarity: rare
    • Releases a mobile wheeled drone, which attacks targets in range.

Structural elements[]

New factional details are also available and can be obtained for achieving reputation levels with ‘Steppenwolfs’ faction. These parts can not be bought or sold on the market.

New map ‘Emergency zone’

A mysterious place, covered with sand and stones. An extremely dangerous zone formed around the wreckage, attracting adventurers and survivors.

The map is designed for PvP battles



  • ‘Reaper’ minigun’ - Damage increased by 10%. Increased ammunition from 240 to 260 cartridges
  • ‘Avenger’ cannon - Damage increased by 12%
  • ‘Vector’ machine gun - Damage reduced by 15%
  • ‘Retcher’ grenade launcher - Damage increased by 10%
  • Guided missiles ‘Hurricane’ - Increased guidance accuracy, which provides a higher chance of hitting the target.


  • Bumpers have been tweaked. Now their characteristics closely match their name, purpose, faction.


  • You can no longer start test drive on a car with parts that do not match your level.
  • The maximum length of the clan tag is now 4 characters.
  • Modifier part descriptions. Now descriptions more accurately convey the purpose of the parts and their faction's character.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed parameter values in the descriptions of a number of parts.