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Survivors! First of all, we would like to congratulate you on the upcoming holidays! We continue to prepare our project for open beta testing. In the new update we made numerous changes to the in-game balance. In addition, we took into account and implemented requests from the players themselves. But the most important thing — it's time to show your driving skills! It's time to ‘Race’!

Race Mode[]

We have developed and present to your attention a special mode, where everyone will be able to prove that their craft is designed not only to kill, but also to race!

  • The well-known maps (‘Bridge’, ‘Rock City’, ‘Factory’, ‘Fortress’, ‘Ship Graveyard’, ‘Founders Canyon’) now have special gates through which you must pass.They do not form a perfect circle, in many cases the way to the next checkpoint is not straightforward.
  • The player's task is to complete three laps faster than the rivals.The race does not end after the finish of the first participant, the others continue to fight for the top places. Higher place — higher reward.
  • The use of weapons is prohibited.If the racing car has any weapons, then during the race it is de-energized.
  • Specifically for racing mode, we have reduced the time before a flip to 5 seconds when the car is overturned.
  • Racing mode will be further supplemented and modified, it is not the final version!


Many survivors who have long settled in the Wastelands, and built their dream vehicles, have recently found it too easy to repel the Raider attacks. The enemy is often decimated in just a few seconds! To boost interest and add an additional challenge, weapon damage in raids now depends on its difficulty:

In easy missions:[]

  • Basic weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Normal weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Rare weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Epic weapons deal 85% damage.
  • Legendary weapons deal 70% damage.
  • Relic weapons deal 55% damage.

In normal missions:[]

  • Basic weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Normal weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Rare weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Epic weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Legendary weapons deal 85% damage.
  • Relic weapons deal 70% damage.

In hard missions:[]

  • Basic weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Normal weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Rare weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Epic weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Legendary weapons deal 100% damage.
  • Relic weapons deal 100% damage.


  • Rewards are now given to players after participation in ‘Ladder’.
    • The first 10 places receive rewards in the form of coins.
    • The next 20 places are being paid in the form of scrap metal.
  • Players are now also ranked in a special Ladder leaderboard.


Faction changes[]

  • In order to revise the balance and fill factions with parts we have revised factional links for parts.
  • Added 3 types of wheels and modified existing faction links.
    • Nomads now have racing and avia-chassis, which undoubtedly underlines their ideology and goes well with aircraft parts.
    • Engineers now have balloon wheels.
    • Large, massive Engineer wheels have now become the property of Scavengers.
    • Lightweight Nomad wheels now belong to Lunatics.


  • All cabins have received unique names.
  • All cabins available in sets are now ‘Rare’.Cabin parameters have been accordingly upgraded.
  • Minivan cab was changed from ‘Blue’ to ‘White’, the archetype of the cabin has changed to ‘Cargo’.
  • Critical mass of all the cabins above ‘White’ rarity was reduced by 20%.
  • Reduced cabin power.


  • In order to eliminate abuse of the drones on the battlefield, now one module can run a limited number of drones.


  • For the same reason one module can place a limited number of turrets.


  • Now each wheel mounted on the car reduces its power.This will help regulate the number of wheels on the vehicle. The optimal number of wheels is 4-6 depending on the type of wheel. Cabins parameters have been changed accordingly.
  • Track rarity in the game has been changed to ‘Purple’.This is due to their extraordinary difference from conventional wheels: they are heavier, stronger and with a higher tonnage.
  • Speed limits for tracks have been raised.
  • Increased wheel strength to make it harder to immobilize an enemy.
  • Changed wheel tonnage: steering wheels add less carrying capacity than their counterparts.
  • Overburden mechanics return (decreased wheel tonnage).
  • Engines.
  • You can only install one engine per car.The vehicle gets substantial bonuses after installing an engine.
  • Purple engines allow to freely build hybrid crafts.
  • All engines are within confines of their archetypes, but purple engines now get their own characteristics that amplify the mechanics of the archetype:
    • Lunatic engines spend 1 less unit of energy, but explode when damaged.
    • Nomad engines reduce module cooldowns by 20%.
    • Scavengers engines reduce missile and weapon cooldowns by 20%.

Structural elements[]

  • Some grilles may now be shot through, i.e. hold only a portion of projectile damage.The remaining damage passes through to parts behind the grille.


  • Now when a dye is removed from the inventory all parts painted with this dye lose colour.
  • Dye trading is now subject to general rules:
    • If a dye is in use, it can not be sold.
    • If a dye is in use, it can not be used for the manufacturing, upgrades, etc.



  • Added the ability to lift the vehicle in build mode.
  • The number of slots in the garage is reduced to two.


  • Improved user interface for receiving Leviathan rewards.
  • Now, the reward is issued immediately upon the Leviathan's return to the Garage.
  • The reward is issued automatically.
  • Improved reward window.


  • Improved the display of receiving a new level.


  • Improved vehicle acceleration display in the garage.
  • Added the ability ‘Fire with all weapons’.No default button is assigned.
  • Improved vehicle description.
  • Reworked parts description.
  • Improved appearance of some parts and the basic parameters of certain parts.
  • Modified faction screens.
  • A number of small improvements to interfaces.

Changes in blueprint system[]

In preparation for OBT we changed the blueprint storage format.

  • All your blueprints may become unavailable or disappear.
  • blueprints from the exhibition will work as usual.

Featured packs[]

  • Added a tab with recommended packs to the store.

Private messaging system[]

  • Pressing ‘Tab’ in battle brings up a map with a list of the players in action.
  • When calling up the map with ‘Tab’ your vehicle can no longer move.
  • When you RMB on a player in the list, you can send a private message or complaint.


  • Changed faction leader images.
  • Reduced the maximum ‘Engineers’ level to 30.
  • Changed the amount of experience required for levels.
  • Removed prestige levels from ‘Engineers’.


Replaced cabins in several packs.[]

  • ‘Midgar’ cabin replaced with ‘Fury’.
  • ‘Tramp’ cabin replaced by ‘Bear’.
  • ‘Immortal Warrior’ cabin replaced by ‘Carapace’.


  • Improved gearbox sound.
  • Improved sound of movement in the water.
  • Improved engine sound.


  • Revised bonus reputation mechanics.
    • Survivors always have to be full of energy to most effectively express themselves in battle!Added an ‘Energy boost’ state that increases reputation gain by 400%.
    • Bonus reputation is added until the player reaches 60000 points.
    • After reaching the daily limit the bonus disappears.
  • The login reward is now issued monthly after 15 logins.
    • After skipping one day the reward is not reset.
    • In addition to scrap and containers you may receive fragments of decor or dye that can not be obtained by other means.
    • Crafting from fragments can be found at the ‘White’ Engineers craftsman.
  • Taking part in brawls now can only yield fragments of decor.
    • Crafting from fragments can be found at the ‘White’ Engineers craftsman.
    • The reward will be changed monthly.
  • Improved track mechanics.
  • Refined wheel settings and mechanics.
  • Improved vehicle physics, reduced the likelihood of a flip.
  • Now ‘Porcupine’ barrels can detonate from explosions of other barrels.
  • Improved graphics of collision effects.
  • Improved behavior of bots, armed with drones and turrets.
  • Modified part descriptions.
  • Added new vehicle models for AI enemies.
  • Added blueprint tutorial.
  • Added a DirectX11 version of the game.
    • You can change the version in launcher settings.
  • Reduced initial blueprint number to 4.
    • The number of blueprints can be increased with a special item to 20.
  • The size of the warehouse is now increased only with the help of special items.
    • Blueprint and storage expanders are made on the legendary workplaces of advanced factions.
  • Some graphical changes and improvements have been made on maps.
  • Now parts mounted on a conventional vehicle can be duplicated on the Leviathan.

 Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where the vehicle did not accelerate after pressing W prior to the battle.
  • Fixed a bug with some shells blast effects.
  • Fixed a bug where some Leviathan guns could not fire.
  • Fixed a bug with capture timer on some maps.
  • Fixed a bug with tracked vehicles slowing down when driving downhill.
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Storm Warning’ reward calculation.
  • Fixed a bug with mouse positioning when changing display mode.
  • Fixed several part overlaps.
  • Fixed rating display in battle debriefing.
  • Fixed the ‘Apply’ button.
  • Removed an extra welding spot for Large Speaker.
  • Fixed some minor bugs on maps.