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Survivors! This update brings you fire damage, battle log, a new container, as well as many balance changes.

Fire Damage

  • With the new update we are introducing fire damage, as well as stickers and trophies awarded for fire damage and resistance. At the moment, this damage type is only dealt by ‘Porcupine’ minelayer. However, the leading Engineers hint that a new weapon is coming soon.
  • Added fire damage.
  • Added stickers and trophies for fire damage.
    •     Added trophies for damage dealt by fire.
    •     Added stickers for kill streaks with fire.
  • Added fire damage resistance to frames.

Veteran container

  • To encourage survivors who have already proven themselves in battle, we are introducing the veteran container, where players can find random rare items — except for tracks and wheels. But drones or guns — easily!
    • Introduced a new container awarded to players upon reaching reputation level 10 with Engineers.
    • Contains a random ‘blue’ item except for tracks and wheels.
    • Can't be traded.     

Battle log

  • For convenience of those who like to keep an eye on their progress in the game we are introducing a list of recent battles with their statistics - you can find it in your profile by clicking on your portrait.
  • Added ‘History’ tab to player profile. Has a brief recap of the player's recent battles.
  • For each battle you can see the following: Game mode; Mission; Map; Battle result; Battle date; Rewards.
  • The log contains no more than the 8 most recent battles.
  • Several battles in a row are considered separate battles.


  • We continue balancing the mechanics introduced in the previous update: Now a fresh kamikaze has to wait 5 seconds before the explosion, and the ominous red light flashes for his potential victims!
  • Improved self-destruct mechanics.
    • Self-destruct occurs with a delay of 5 seconds.
    • Changed self-destruct damage: it will now focus only on uncovered parts.
    • Other players can see the process of preparing self-destruction: a red flashing light appears inside the cabin.
    • If a vehicle with invisibility activates self-destruction, invisibility is removed.
    • Nearby allies at the moment of explosion are pushed away, but do not receive damage.

Weapon balance

  • Weapon balancing is ongoing: the current update enhances melee weapons and somewhat reduces the characteristics of medium and long range weapons to help fans of melee weapons be more effective in battle.
  • Melee weapons
    • Passive melee weapons damage increased by 30%.
    • Auger, Buzzsaw and Druzhba durability increased by 50%.
  • MG13D ‘Minigun’ - Damage reduced by 10%.
  • M015 ‘Vulcan’ - Damage reduced by 20%.
  • ‘Reaper’ - Damage reduced by 10%.
  • Shotgun ‘Thunderbolt’ - Damage increased by 20%.
  • 88mm turret cannon - Durability reduced by 20%.
  • ‘Hurricane’ launcher - Damage reduced by 10%.
  • 25mm autocannon - Range damage bonus reduced to 45% for every 100 meters of flight.
  • ML ‘Porcupine’ - Damage reduced by 20%.

Changed paint access levels

  • ‘Isotope-239’ - Available from level 2.
  • ‘Tornado’ - Available from level 4.
  • ‘White’ - Available from level 8.
  • ‘Rust’ - Available from level 15.
  • ‘Urban’ - Available from level 21.

Access to using and manufacturing parts

  • Epic items - Can now be used starting with level 10 with Engineers and built starting with level 5 with other factions.
  • Legendary items - Can now be used starting with level 14 with Engineers and built starting with level 9 with other factions.
  • Relic items - Can now be used starting with level 20 with Engineers.

Changes in reputation levels

  • Players will earn new levels a bit quicker.


The new update introduces time periods when you can take part in brawls so that survivors do not have to wait for rivals for long periods.

  • Every Man for Himself
    • Increased reward for battle.
    • Added time intervals during which battles are available: 17:00-19:00 GMT and 00:00-02:00 GMT. The modes will alternate daily: one day will be devoted to ‘Every man for himself’, another to ‘Storm Warning’.


  • Improved blueprint download interface showing the parts required for building a vehicle.
    •     The list of parts shows upgraded alternatives in the absence of the required parts.


  • Added a number of visual effects.
  • Added level name to its map.
  • Improved invisibility mechanics.
    •     Now at a distance closer than 25 meters machines with invisibility are seen as transparent.
  • Now the [Esc] key closes the animation of upgrading parts.
  • Minor changes to game interface.
  • Added markers and labels with the owner's name to drones.
  • Selection of items in storage is now performed with a single click.


  • Improved a number of texts.
  • Disabled voice chat.
  • Now you can customize hot keys in Assembly mode.
  • Now the mission ‘Get the cannon!’ can be completed at level 6.
  • Limits for parts mounted on a vehicle changes with each level faster than before.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with ‘Reaper’: ‘Reaper’ upgrade is only triggered in the event of a machine's destruction, not drones or turrets.
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Porcupine’ mines flying through parts.
  • Fixed conflicts with joint installation of some parts.
  • Fixed being able to fire through vehicle structures for some weapon models.
  • Fixed a bug in display of chat communication penalties time.
  • Fixed a bug with some buttons being blocked upon opening game chat.
  • Fixed incorrect interface operation between battles.
  • Fixed appearance of indicators at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed level map display at the end of a battle.
  • Fixed active zones for some buttons.
  • Fixed display of mounting points on the cabin upon removing it.
  • Fixed tooltips not disappearing.
  • Fixed game chat penalty system errors.
  • Fixed a chat blocking bug.
  • Fixed a bug with locking interface.
  • Fixed display of several weapon icons in test drive.
  • Fixed a bug with destroyed parts positioning.
  • Fixed several bugs on maps.
  • Fixed behavior of the ESC key in the menu.
  • Fixed display of long blueprint names.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to repaint PA ‘Scorpion’.
  • Fixed a bug where damage after penetrating parts was not decreasing for PA ‘Scorpion’.