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In this update, a number of raids and the "Storm Warning" mission have been changed. The functionality of a free camera was introduced for more comfortable shooting in the direction opposite to the movement of the armored car. There are also balance changes.


We're testing a new system for how Storm Warning works, which includes changes to the fees and rewards for participating in Storm Warning.

  •   Changed reward
    •   Reward for 1st place - 100 scrap metal, DIY container.
    •   Reward for 2nd place - 50 scrap metal
    •   Reward for 3rd place - 25 scrap metal
    •   Reward for 4th place - 10 scrap metal
    •   Reward for 5th-8th places - 5 scrap metal


Changes have been made to a number of raids to make them more comfortable.


  • Destroying turrets now grants additional time
  • Reduced time bonus for destroying towers


  • Redesigned interface
  • Improved cargo drop functionality
  • When the vehicle turns over, the cargo is dropped automatically


  • Leviathan now spawns 5 seconds after the start of the fight


Buggy cabin[]

  • Increased number of attachment points


The test results showed that spears are strong weapons with rather low technical requirements. It was decided to introduce the following changes:

Explosive spear[]

  • Now requires 1 unit. energy
  • PS increased to 150

Spear "Lancelot"[]

  • Now requires 1 unit. energy


  • Introduced free camera functionality
  • Now when you press ALT, the camera moves without changing the direction of the crosshair
  • Resource limit update for PvP will take place on the night from Sunday to Monday
  • For their first hit in battle, each player receives 10 experience points.
  • Added graphics setting "Smooth shadows"
  • Added sound for notifications
  • Improved a number of icons and buttons
  • Improved a number of faction blueprints
  • Minor interface fixes
  • Improved display of a number of parts in edit mode

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved model "ST-M23 Defender"
  • Improved model "shotgun "Spitfire""
  • Improved flying damage numbers
  • Improved a number of maps
  • Fixed paths leading off the edge of the map
  • Fixed map physics bugs
  • Removed invisible objects
  • Fixed other bugs
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the player's name in the clan rating
  • Fixed bugs when filtering various lists
  • Fixed a bug with the group interface not disappearing when leaving it
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of various messages
  • Fixed a bug where chat messages were not displayed
  • Fixed a number of errors in the texts
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the chat window after completing a test drive
  • Fixed a bug with the camera behavior in the PvP mode "Abduction"
  • Fixed flickering in the Garage that appeared on some types of video cards
  • Invite UI bug fixed