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We're no longer fighting abstract raiders, but representatives of the factions of our world.

  • Each raid goes into rotation with a preselected faction for the players to face.
  • At the moment, we can fight three factions: Engineers, Lunatics and Scavengers (Nomads are not very prone to open conflict).
  • Each faction is characterized by structural features of their machines.
    • Lunatics are known for their speed and try to impose melee combat as often as possible.
    • Scavengers use solid machines and powerful long-range attacks to organize an effective barrier to the players.
    • Engineers are distinguished by their strong officers.
  • All enemies in raids are divided into four classes.
    • Ordinary enemies crush you with numbers, interfere with movement and task completion. Dangerous in groups.
    • Melee enemies re armed with saws, augers or harvesters and try to fight players at close range. Lunatics are the strongest melee fighters.
    • Officers are tough opponents, armed with more powerful weapons. Have a dangerous habit of quietly appearing in the thick of the battle, as the players are busy fighting ordinary opponents. Engineers have the strongest officers.
    • Gunners shoot from a distance, not allowing to concentrate on missions or destruction of normal opponents. Deal a lot of damage, but are vulnerable in melee. Scavengers are the most skilled gunners.
  • Special bosses have also been created for each faction in ‘Defence’ mode.

Cargo race

  • Improved algorithm for choosing cargo spawn points. Now a cargo to collect is chosen in the close radius from the previous one.[/space]


  • Improved algorithm of tower selection. Now every next tower to defend is farther than the previous one.[/space]


  • Opponents now know where to jump off small ledges.


Machine guns

  • MM5-4 Vector
    • Structure reduced by 10%.
  • ST-M23 Defender
    • Power drain increased by 1.
    • PS increased to 555.
    • Durability increased by 50%
    • Mass increased by 33%.
  • Reaper
    • Damage increased by 12%


  • Spitfire
    • Power drain increased by 1.
    • PS increased to 555.
    • Durability increased by 22%


  • Avenger 57 mm
    • Vertical rotation angle considerably reduced.
  • Judge 76 mm
    • Vertical rotation angle slightly increased.
    • Structure increased by 20%
  • Executioner 88 mm
    • Vertical rotation angle significantly increased.
    • Damage increased by 5%.
  • Little Boy 6LB
    • Durability increased by 20%
  • ZS-34 Fat Man
    • Vertical rotation angle slightly increased.
    • Damage increased by 5%
  • Mammoth
    • Vertical rotation angle increased.

Turrets and drones

  • Attack drone
    • Now activates instantly.
  • Missile drone
    • Now activates instantly.
  • Missile turret
    • Damage increased by 5%.
    • Activation time reduced to 1 second.

Porcupine minelayer

  • Porcupine barrels are now damaged by fire from ‘Firebug’ and your own fire.


  • Armored track
    • Increased turn rate.


  • Map 'Rock city' and 'Founders canyon' returned to ‘Defence’ and ‘Cargo pickup’ Raid rotation.
  • The amount of uranium required for the production of relic weapons is now 600.