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This update will bring a lot of changes to the game. It introduces for testing a new approach to getting parts that will significantly change the gameplay. Players will also enjoy two new raids and two new maps for them.

Release: July 21, 2016.

A New Approach to Obtaining Parts[]

Under this approach, parts will not be destroyed as a result of defeats in missions and raids. The concept of "Strength" will disappear from the game. In this case, the probability of obtaining new parts will change significantly. This update is a test update, as it will probably take several iterations of the balance settings for obtaining new parts so that the game market does not become overstocked and the parts remain valuable trophies.

All parts become indestructible regardless of the outcome of the battle:[]

  • Parts with 0 durability are no exception
  • The need for repair is eliminated
  • Parts are excluded from the game
  • Indestructible parts remain in the warehouse marked with a special effect
  • The player can no longer sell these parts on the market


Global changes in this update have affected all aspects of the game, including the list of available missions and the rewards that players can receive in them.

The reward system has been changed[]

In the missions "For a machine gun!", "For a shotgun!", "For a gun!", "For wheels" the player will be able to get scrap metal and ordinary parts.

  • In these missions, the player no longer receives a reward in the form of rare resources

Added 2 missions that allow players to get rare resources:[]

  • For electronics!
  • For the wires!


The minimum PS for participation in raids has been changed:[]

  • For medium difficulty - 2700
  • For high difficulty - 3600


A global rebalancing of weapon stats has been carried out to reduce the difference in weapon effectiveness between different rarities:

  • Epic weapon damage reduced by 13%
  • Legendary weapon damage reduced by 26%
  • Relic weapon damage increased by 12%
  • The PS of each weapon has been changed taking into account the characteristics of individual weapons

These changes are not final and will be adjusted in the future, taking into account game realities.

Creating Parts[]

Since the parts became indestructible as part of this update, the process of their creation has also changed:

  • Recipes include more ingredients
  • Changed the amount of required resources

Please note that the repair system, like other aspects of the game, is not in the final stage and may be changed in the future.

New Raid "Heist"[]

Survivors! You are listening to Radio “Voice of the Wasteland”! Ivy Go and the most truthful news are on the air! Rabid scouts found the way to Terminal 45. Yes, the same terminal where the Ghost Ship was seen on Doomsday. The wanderers, represented by the well-known Ulysses, were very interested in the find and are ready to pay full-weight copper for each container delivered from this place. Be vigilant, an unknown group has built a real city in the terminal, and they don't seem to like guests very much.

The heist takes place on the new map "Terminal-45".

A task:[]

  • Capture cargo in a settlement
  • The player who picks up the load starts moving slower than the members of his team
  • Move this cargo to the evacuation point
  • The path of the team of players is blocked by turrets and armored vehicles controlled by AI
  • Gameplay is time limited
  • Ending the timer before the end of the raid means the team loses


  • The reward for passing is copper.

New Raid "Convoy Escort"[]

Survivors! Radio “Voice of the Wasteland” is with you again. Time for the latest news and hot contracts! Scavengers are ready to pay a tidy sum to any mercenary who ensures the safe passage of an armored truck. Just do not ask what they are transporting and why they do not change the route despite the danger. Still interested? Then Bey Skara is waiting for the mercenaries!

For this raid, a new map was developed Eastern Array

A task:[]

  • Protect an AI truck on a route.
  • The path of the team of players is blocked by armored vehicles controlled by AI.


  • The reward for passing is copper.
  • The amount of the reward depends on the length of the distance covered.


Starter cabin[]

  • Energy increased by 1.

Weapon Control Settings[]

  • To expand the design possibilities of armored vehicles, the concept of "Group of weapons" has been introduced into the game.
  • Each weapon or group of guns on a vehicle can be assigned to a specific group
  • You can do this by right-clicking on the group icon
  • Shooting of each group of weapons is done with one key
  • 7 groups of weapons in total
  • Each group can be assigned to any key in the control settings
  • By default, LMB is assigned to the 1st group, RMB - to the 2nd


  • Improved trade window
  • Improved interface visual effects
  • Improved the appearance and location of some buttons
  • Added a time counter when blocking player abilities at the Exhibition
    • If necessary, the player can disable the effect in the settings
  • Renamed a number of second-level menu buttons:
    • Warehouse renamed to "Details"
    • Store renamed to "Packs"
    • The exhibition was renamed into "Vehicles"
  • Added a new graphics setting "Shell casings quality"
  • The flight path of shell casings is now calculated and displayed accordingly


  • Introduced a weekly limit on the receipt of scrap metal, wires and electronics.
  • Now, when installing weapons in assembly mode, the trajectory of its possible movement is displayed.
  • Added the ability to turn the car over without a jack.
  • Now, after an unsuccessful landing, the player will have the opportunity to turn his car over on his own after 30 seconds.
  • Improved firing effects for a number of weapons.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed bugs in a number of part models
  • Fixed radiator grill color bug
  • Fixed a number of cases of overlapping parts
  • Fixed minor environmental bugs on a number of maps
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the progress of tasks
  • Fixed issue with Leviathan using mortars
  • Fixed filter error when switching quickly