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Attention survivors!

In the first update after the start of closed beta testing, we significantly reworked the technical characteristics of the cabins. The physics of the game has been improved, which made the movement of the armored car more realistic. And also changes were made for a more comfortable game.

Release: April 8, 2016.



An impressive revision of the technical characteristics of the cabins was carried out. Their performance is now consistent with the rarity level of the cabin and the spirit of the faction to which the cabin belongs

Truck cabin[]

  • Max speed reduced by 6%
  • PS equals 500

Cabin WWT1[]

  • Structure reduced by 20%
  • Max speed reduced by 10%
  • Engine power reduced by 16%
  • Energy increased by 1.

Pickup cabin[]

  • Structure reduced by 16%
  • Max speed reduced by 5%
  • Engine power reduced by 18%

Minivan cabin[]

  • Structure increased by 12%
  • Max speed reduced by 5%
  • Engine power reduced by 9%
  • Energy increased by 1.
  • PS increased to 500

Buggy cabin[]

  • Structure reduced by 25%
  • Max speed reduced by 8%
  • PS increased to 500

Starter cabin[]

  • Max speed reduced by 6%

Cabin "Wyvern"[]

  • Structure increased by 50%
  • Max speed reduced by 17%
  • Load capacity reduced by 40%
  • Mass limit increased by 20%
  • Power increased by 14%
  • Energy increased by 1.
  • PS increased to 500


As part of the improvement of the movement of armored vehicles, the following changes were made:

  • A unique speed limit parameter has been introduced, above which the car will not be able to accelerate
  • Improved rotation mechanics


  • Reverse speed of any vehicle is now fixed
  • Acceleration dynamics in reverse gear improved
  • Improved visualization of the suspension
  • Improved the behavior of the car on the slopes
    • On the slopes, the movement of armored vehicles slows down in accordance with their mass


The functionality of the Exhibition, so beloved by the players, has been slightly improved

  • Showing likes for the last week is now enabled by default
  • Added the ability to unlike a drawing
  • At the Exhibition, drawings of Leviathans are placed on a separate tab


We are constantly working to improve the sound for the most impressive effect.

  • Improved sound environment
  • Added sound design for a test drive


  • Added automatic updating of data in the product card in the Market
  • Improved various icons
  • Improved faction description
  • Improved appearance of faction blueprints
  • Improved the Missions window
  • Improved Medals window
  • Improved observation mode interface
  • Reduced the number of hotkeys in the Garage. Now:
    • G - switch to assembly mode
    • TAB - open Warehouse
    • P - test drive
  • Decreased momentum of bullets hitting the car
  • Improved description of generators
  • Improved models of a number of parts
  • Improved shot animations