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In this update, we paid attention to balance changes, as well as worked on the most urgent bugs


After analyzing the statistical data, it was decided to make changes to the indicators of the following tools:

"Cricket 17M"[]

  • Damage reduced by 10%

Shotgun "Thunderbolt"[]

  • Damage reduced by 10%


  • Missiles reduced to 6
  • Missile flight speed reduced


  • The required amount of MP to participate in the raid has been increased to 3000

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug with shooting through "Locomotive Blade" and "Small Blade"
  • Improved shotgun physics
  • Fixed a bug in determining the prohibited angles of rotation
  • Fixed explosion damage bug

Small Update 0.2.14[]

  • Additional changes have been made to the team selection system.
  • The names of the paints "Will-o'-wisp" and "Quartz" have been changed in places.