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Release: 17 May 2016

In this update, we are testing a new repair system in the game. Now, to restore the durability of a part, you will need special parts of the same rarity. You can get spare parts by dismantling unnecessary or broken other parts. Rocket launchers "Cricket 17M" and "Wasp" received new missiles in this update. "Pyre" received fewer missiles in a salvo and the speed of the missiles decreased noticeably. There is a new interactive detail "Stoplight". The difficulty of raids and changes in the game interface have also been adjusted.


The updated repair system is designed to improve the convenience for the player. If earlier, it was necessary to have many identical parts of varying degrees of wear in order to keep one in working condition, now it is enough to disassemble any part to repair any other part of a given rarity. Also, the new system helps to solve the problem "I can't sell a gun with 59/60 durability". Now it is very easy to restore durability per unit.

  • Parts are now needed to repair parts
  • Spare parts can be obtained by dismantling parts
  • The number of spare parts obtained by dismantling is determined randomly, but is limited by the maximum and minimum value
  • Spare parts do not cancel the receipt of scrap metal when dismantled
  • The number of spare parts removed from the part does not depend on the residual strength of the parts
  • Spare parts come in different rarities
  • The rarity of the part is equal to the rarity of the part from which it was extracted
  • Parts can be traded on the market
  • Repair and disassembly of parts are called from the context menu
  • The context menu is called by right-clicking on the part icon
  • When repairing, one spare part gives +1 unit of durability
  • Also, if you're lucky, you can get more parts

Part Strength[]

The strength of some of the white parts has been reduced. Now all white parts have a durability of 20. Previously, some of the parts had a durability of 20, part of 40. As a compensation, the amount of scrap metal received from the battle has been increased if you go into battle with white parts.

All new parts that are obtained as a result of a battle or in containers, or during production, will have the correct changed durability.

However, you may notice that some parts in stock have a durability that exceeds the allowed maximum (for example, 30 out of 20). You can use such a part as a regular one, sell it or dismantle it.

Attention! If you sell a part with a durability that exceeds the allowed maximum on the market, then its durability will become the maximum allowed (20 out of 20). And even if you put it on the market, and then take the lot back, its strength will also become the maximum allowable (20 out of 20).


Rocket launchers "Cricket 17M" and "Wasp"[]

Rocket launchers received new missiles. According to the results of the analysis of the battles, it was revealed that the effectiveness of these weapons is below the required level, so it was decided to make changes that are designed to make these installations more useful.

These missiles are equipped with a proximity fuse. The range of the fuse for the Wasp is 1 m, and for the Cricket 17M it is 2 m.


  • The parameters of the Flame missile system have been changed
  • Reduced number of charges from 8 to 6
  • Reduced rocket flight speed from 60 m/s to 45 m/s


  • The parameters of the Uragan Missile Complex have been changed
  • Changed the launch angle of missiles from the missile system

Mine layer: "Porcupine"[]

  • Relic weapon Minelayer: "Badaboom" is now called Minelayer: "Porcupine"

Pulse Accelerator: UI "Scorpion"[]

  • Relic weapon Automatic Crossbow: "Snapper" is now called Pulse Accelerator: "Scorpion"


To provide additional security for the movement of convoys in columns, new details have appeared - "Stop Signal" and "Rear Light".

Brake light[]

Added interactive detail "Brake light"

  • When the car brakes, the "Brake light" lights up red.
  • Part rarity - common
  • Part drops as a reward for a battle

Tail light[]

Added interactive detail "Tail light"

  • When the car brakes, the "Tail light" lights up red.
  • Part rarity - common
  • Part drops as a reward for a battle


  • Max reputation bonus on all cabins is now 100%


  • Added the effect of the saws
  • Added rocket launch notification to the player's car
  • Improved combat log
  • Improved combat log design
  • Damage inflicted in a short amount of time is merged into one log message
  • Improved notification about the appearance of the boss in PvE
  • Added the function to show the player's killer
  • Improved the behavior of the base capture indicator in the "Encounter battle" mode
  • Now inoperative blueprints at the Exhibition are marked with a special sign
  • Improved Exhibition window
  • Improved post-battle statistics window
  • Added warning when changing faction
  • Improved victory screen
  • Improved display of items available for production
  • Improved drone card


A number of important changes have been made to adjust the difficulty of raids.

Difficult race[]

The number of AI enemies has been slightly increased for each spawn point. From three to four.

Hard defense[]

Increased the time between the appearance of new waves of AI enemies by 10 seconds. An additional delay will give players the opportunity to finally destroy the enemies of the previous wave.


In the Assault mode, at all difficulty levels, the damage from homing missiles and shells from turret guns mounted on towers has been reduced by a third.


  • Improved in-game learning system
  • Improved a number of texts
  • Improved behavior of tracks and wheels
  • Improved sound behavior at the end of the battle
  • Improved suspension model for small diameter wheels:
    • Small wheel
    • Wheel with chains
    • Spiked wheel
    • Wheel Starter
  • Improved Radio model
  • Improved 76 mm gun model

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug with displaying "My lots" at the Market
  • Fixed display error of "My drawings" at the Exhibition
  • Fixed a bug with unauthorized reordering of weapon icons
  • Relogin issue when buying coins fixed
  • Fixed a bug with translating texts in the Store
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of a general chat channel in battle
  • Fixed a bug where the game would lose focus when playing in windowed mode
  • Fixed a bug where the car could become indestructible
  • Fixed a graphical artifact in the Warehouse
  • Fixed a number of places where you could get stuck
  • Fixed an erroneous operation of the ban on changing the vehicle during the search for a battle
  • Removed unused items from the context menu
  • Fixed bug with reissue of just canceled quest
  • Fixed a number of interface bugs

Small Update 0.2.12[]

The number of spare parts that can be obtained by dismantling parts has been changed.

In the context menu (RMB on the part), the ability to repair the part completely has been added. If there are not enough spare parts for a complete repair, all available spare parts will be used.

To make it easier to find in the market and in the warehouse, parts now have the same rarity as the parts they repair.