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The “Witch Hunt” event, a classic of the Halloween celebrations in the Wasteland, is back! Chase the holiday balloons on the special version of the “Abandoned town” map and get all new thematic rewards!

Witch Hunt[]

Attention! The event will last from October 21 to November 7 inclusive!

“Witch Hunt” returns to the Valley! Unfortunately, Ivy was busy, so this year the event is hosted by Scar AB, who has recently got his hands on a bunch of old movies. Take part in the festive brawl, complete the tasks and collect “Tricky treats”. Send them straight to the “Witch cauldron” to craft decor, paints and stickers.

  • Tricky treats can only be obtained in the brawl “Witch Hunt” or in the special PvP-mission “Trick or treat!”

“Trick or treat” is a PvP mode where you need to capture the base or defeat all opponents, like in standard missions. You will receive not standard resources, but “Tricky treats” for participating in it. An alternative for those who have already defeated all the opponents in “Witch Hunt” and miss the ordinary battles.

  • Brawl “Witch Hunt” and the “Trick or treat!” mission available from level 4 of the Engineers faction.
  • “Tricky treats” along with other resources can be exchanged for rewards in a special “Witch cauldron” workbench.
  • Active “Premium subscription” increases the number of treats received as a result of the battle.
  • At the end of the in-game event, all unused treats will be withdrawn without replacements.

Brawl features:[]

  • This year, the brawl is held on the “Abandoned town” map redesigned specifically for this mode.
  • The brawl offers pre-assembled blueprints with boosters.
  • Victory in the brawl goes to the person who can keep festive balloons on his armoured vehicle longer than others and earn 100 points.
  • There are festive skulls on the map, and by breaking them the player can get additional advantages in the brawl. Among them: temporary invulnerability, temporary invisibility, the ability to release a “Kapkan” mine or a shell from a homing “Scorpion”.
  • Be careful and be ready for anything — festive skulls can also attach a bomb to your armoured car or slow it down. Hurry to touch the enemy’s armoured car and pass the bomb to it, otherwise you’re gonna go boom!
  • To take the holiday balloons from the enemy, you only need to crash into his car. And remember: a high-speed chase is not the only way out. Show your cunning and ingenuity!

Special weekly challenges[]

  • During each week of the event, you can earn additional “treats” for completing three consecutive tasks:
    • Take the prize spot in the brawl “Witch Hunt” once.
    • Take the prize place in the brawl “Witch Hunt” 3 times.
    • Take the prize spot in the brawl “Witch Hunt” 5 times.
  • You can complete these tasks during the week. Every Thursday, the completion progress of the task chain is updated.

Special event workbench “Witch cauldron”[]


This year, the workbench will offer not only the most popular Halloween rewards of past years, but also completely new ones, which will appeal to all classical horror enthusiasts. In particular:

  • Stickers “Here’s Pete” and “The Ring”.
  • Paints “Shining” and “Sweater”.
  • Hologram projector “Old videotape”.
  • Decoration “Good clown”.

In addition to cosmetic rewards, you will also be able to craft the already upgraded parts. Make sure to check the workbench assortment regularly in order to not miss anything!

Thematic design of the in-game garages[]

Specifically for Halloween celebrations, we have decorated all available in-game garages. Holiday decoration is available by default. We remind that you can always switch between decorations and the weather in the “Garage” tab in your profile.

We note in advance that these are not all the surprises that you will notice in your garage!

Unique personalization pack “Masked Reaper”[]

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase a special thematic pack to customize your profile! The pack is available in the in-game store (the “Customization” tab) and includes:

  • Unique portrait “Masked Reaper”.
  • Thematic background and logo for profile customization.

Attention! The bundle will be available until November 4 inclusive!

“Phantom” pack (Deluxe edition)[]

The elite version of the “Phantom” pack will be available until November 4 inclusive.

Unique armoured vehicle “Phantom”:

  • Unique epic cabin “Dusk”.
  • Epic rocket launcher “Pyre” (6 pcs.).
  • Access to the “Phantom” structural parts.
  • Unique paint cans.
  • 4000 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player receives:

  • Unique character portrait “Mirage”.
  • Epic engine “Hot red”.
  • Epic module “Expanded ammo pack”.
  • Special module “Ampere”.
  • Special radar “Maxwell”.
  • Special module “Chameleon”.
  • Special wheel “Array ST” (2 pcs.).
  • Special “Twin wheel ST” (2 pcs.).
  • Unique banner background and logo.
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 60.

The semi-mythical “Phantom” armoured car crosses the Valley every autumn, and it vanishes just like it appears — without a trace. No one knows the true story of the invisible driver. Some say that he is a soldier who strayed from his squad, still looking for his comrades. Others — that he is a scavenger, who disappeared under the rubble and who continues to search for something in the ruins of an abandoned research institute. Among the survivors, he is known as Mirage, and he can be recognized by the mask glowing in the dark of the cabin. To meet Mirage is a bad sign. Should the collector see any value in your hardware — you will never be found.

“Day of the Dead” pack[]

The pack is available on all platforms only for crosscrowns and only until November 4 inclusive. Everyone who purchases the pack receives 3 days of premium subscription as a gift.

Unique armoured car “Stalker”:

  • Rare automatic cannon “AC43 Rapier” (2 pcs.);
  • Rare cabin “Jockey”;
  • Special wheels “Stallion” and “Stallion ST”;
  • Unique decor “Diego”;
  • Unique paint cans “Violet Gloss” and “Matte Ultraviolet”;
  • 1500 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player receives:

  • Unique character portrait “Catrina”;
  • A set of unique stickers;
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55.

Years don’t stop coming after the disaster, and time breeds new legends in the Valley. One of them is about Catrina. She used to be an ordinary person. But on the night of the disaster, she went searching for a missing friend, died in an accident and returned as a ghost to help lost souls.

Catrina picks up the lost in the Wasteland and drives them in her armoured car to the city, where the path is open only one month in a whole year. This is truly a wonderful place: gasoline flows boundless, raiders never attack, and you don’t have to risk your life fighting for every handful of scrap metal. Yet, you can’t get out of the city, and those who get inside will remain there forever.

  • Updated the vegetation on a number of maps. Now large vegetation becomes translucent when approached on the maps:
    • “Dead Highway”;
    • “Desert valley”;
    • “Crater”;
    • “Nameless tower”;
    • “Broken Arrow”;
    • “Lost coast”.
  • The vegetation in the “Horsemen of Apocalypse” garage has been updated.
  • A number of environment objects’ models have been improved.
  • Fixed incorrect location of some environmental objects on the “Old Town” map.
  • The physics of a number of environmental objects on the map “Bridge” has been optimized. We continue to investigate the issues related to the FPS drops on some processors and will share new information with you as it becomes available.
  • Disabled the physical model for the tree on the “Sinto city” map.

Bumper Spike:

  • Durability increased from 55 to 68
  • Mass increased from 58 to 72
  • PS increased from 28 to 35

Frontal Protection System:

  • Durability decreased from 68 to 47
  • Mass decreased from 72 to 50
  • PS decreased from 35 to 25


  • Durability decreased from 108 to 86
  • Mass decreased from 175 to 139
  • PS decreased from 53 to 42


  • Durability increased from 36 to 41
  • Mass increased from 88 to 102
  • PS increased from 26 to 31


  • Durability decreased from 47 to 39
  • Mass decreased from 117 to 95
  • PS decreased from 35 to 29


  • Durability decreased from 53 to 47
  • Mass decreased from 132 to 117
  • PS decreased from 40 to 35
  • Implemented the switching between the segments of the blueprints scroll bar with the help of the gamepad’s D-pad.
  • Improved the visual appearance of all in-game button icons.
  • Improved the firing effects for the “Trigger” and “Destructor” laser drills.
  • The appearance of all “Trophy Ball 2051” reward variations has been improved.
  • Improved the model of the part “Frontend”.
  • Improved the model of the automatic weapon “Caucasus”.
  • The animation of new shells appearing in the “Porcupine” minelayer has been improved.
  • Improved the heating effect of the grenade launcher “Thresher”.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of vegetation on maps when using graphics cards from AMD with the “MSAA anti-aliasing” option enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Parser” shotgun, when fully charged, lost any scatter when fully charged, combined with the additional bonuses to reduce it.
  • Fixed a bug when a key assigned to use a certain weapon, module, or perk might not be saved and reset to default.
  • Fixed a bug where the car could not turn if it had only one track.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Deconstructor 3” patch was not counted in the progress of the task completion.
  • Fixed a bug where the sound could be played twice when exchanging the Engineer badges.
  • Fixed a bug with a non-transparent notification screen of the battle completion.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect operation of upgrading the weapons to reduce scatter.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

Small update, 25.10.2021[]

Improved game client stability.