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Fight against opponents in fun and intense football matches and explore the brand new PvP-location in the world of Crossout — “Sinto city”! The “Steel Championship” update is already available!

Steel Championship[]

The updated “Steel Championship” returns to Crossout! In the already familiar and favored mode you can expect improved game rules, new armoured cars and new rewards. Gather the dream team of your friends and reach the top of automobile football!

Attention! The event will last from July 22 to August 11 inclusive!

The main conditions of the mode:[]

  • Players can take part in the mode both as a group and individually as part of a randomly selected team.
  • The match takes place in the “3 vs. 3” format.
  • The match lasts 5 minutes. The team that scores more goals against the opponents wins.
  • If a team leads the opponent by 5 goals scored, the match automatically ends with a victory for this team.
  • In the case of a draw in regular time, overtime is appointed:
    • gather all your strength and play as one, because during overtime, the first goal scored leads to the victory of one of the teams;
    • overtime lasts 5 minutes;
    • if during the overtime none of the teams scores a goal, the match ends in a draw.
  • Participation in this brawl counts towards the assignment for 9 successful battles in brawls.

Learn more about scoring and moving from one league to another:[]

  • The rating points earned by the player affect his place in the leaderboard and belonging to one of the leagues.
  • The more your team breaks away from the opponents on scored goals, the more rating points will be received by each participant (but not more than the maximum allowed number).
  • Players use rating points to participate in matches. The entry fee depends on the player’s current league:
    • Iron: 12 points
    • Steel: 15 points
    • Bronze: 17 points
    • Silver: 20 points
    • Gold: 22 points
  • Each ranked league is safe. This means that you will no longer be able to drop into the league below, even if you face a series of defeats. If the next deduction of points should lead to the transition to the lower league, points for entering the battle will not be deducted.
  • If you lose, you do not lose rating points, except for those that you spent on entering the battle.

What’s new for this season?[]

  • Changed blueprints of armoured vehicles for the brawl.
  • Updated the “Central Stadium” map.
  • Added a thematic music track for the brawl.
  • Added the commentators’ voiceover. Now the match is commented by Hector and by his sister Paris!
  • Now defending your gates from a goal will not only contribute to the victory of your team, but will also be counted as a useful action that increases the number of points you receive after the match.
  • Now collisions with opponents deal damage to them or can destroy them.
  • Added the option to attach the camera to the ball. This can be done by pressing the “E” key or the right stick on the gamepad. In order to restore the previous behavior of the camera, you need to press the same key again.

Special challenges and rewards for completing them[]

Each week during the “Steel Championship”, you will have a chain of 2 tasks available to you. Completing each mission will bring you a special “Fan container”. When you open the container, you have a chance to get one of the many Wasteland football-themed rewards:

  • Epic decor “Bobble-ball”;
  • Epic paint “Caramel clouds”;
  • Epic paint “Warm Twilight”;
  • Special decor “Goat hand”;
  • Special decor “Number 1 hand”;
  • Special paint “Cyan”;
  • Rare decor “Rusted rim”;
  • Rare paint “Crimson storm”;
  • Rare paint “Red glade”.

Rewards for leagues[]

  • “Steel” league: “Fan container” and unique logo of “Steel Championship”. The logo changes its appearance depending on your current league. At the end of the event, you will have the logo that will correspond to your league at the time the event ends.
  • “Bronze” league: “Explosive gates” and “Trophy Ball 2051” for your range. The appearance of the ball will also depend on the league that you occupied at the end of the event.
  • “Silver” league: unique wheel hubcap for “Fan cap”.
  • “Gold” League: “Fan-duck” decor.

Crossout — “Penalty” pack[]

  • “Cheerleader armoured car”;
  • New rare wheel “Low clearance” (4 pcs.);
  • Unique portrait “Paris”;
  • Unique paints: “Noble blue” and “Shades of victory”;
  • Flag “Steel Championship 2051”;
  • Unique background and logo for profile customization;
  • A set of stickers;
  • 500 in-game coins;
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 50.

Paris is Hector’s sister, who is by no means inferior to him in his love of competition and far superior to him in her passion for explosions and destruction. Their paths split a long time ago when the girl joined Psycho Pete’s gang. Deadly fights on the arenas, which the Lunatics regularly organized, appealed to her taste.

When Scar AB organized the “Steel Championship” with the help of her brother, Paris became obsessed with the idea of getting there. Alas, but Hector, knowing the explosive character of his sister, did everything to keep her away from the stadium. And he even succeeded. Until this year.

The girl arrived with other invited Lunatics in a pickup truck, assembled specifically for this purpose. To Hector’s displeasure, she was appointed the second commentator of the “Steel Championship” , the rules of which had become much more dangerous.

Attention! The pack will be available till August 22 inclusive!

New map “Sinto city”[]

Welcome to the new Pvp-map “Sinto city”! The location will be a part of the post-apocalyptic metropolis setting, which received positive reception from many players. “Sinto City” turns out to be a multifaceted map, and we tried to continue rethinking the usual routes of players while developing it.

This four-level, relatively compact map for the “Encounter” mode will feature a quarter of what was once one of the world’s richest corporations, built in a dense urban environment on the bank of the canal. Those who like to pursue the enemy and use all the features of the environment for this purpose will definitely have fun here.

In the “urban” part of the map there will be ideal conditions to confuse the enemy, evade pursuits or attack the unsuspecting victim from the rear.

From the side of the canal, near the neutral base of the players, there are long-range firing positions, allowing long-range builds and artillery to take advantageous positions and help the team.

Everyone who wants to get rid of the “snipers” has the opportunity to get to them from the center on the upper level — a large overpass. Don’t forget to change your position more often, and it will pay off!

Four once pedestrian bridges over the canal offer a dangerous, but advantageous high ground position. The player will be clearly seen there, but the opponents become easy targets as well.

On this map, we implemented an interesting feature: the base capture can be started on two levels: at the bottom, or on the upper level — the overpass, which passes directly above the base.


  • Now large vegetation on maps becomes translucent and does not overlap the view on the following maps:
    • “Ravagers foothold”
    • “Ashen ring”
    • “Terminal-45”
    • “Sector EX”
    • “Control-17” station
    • “Eastern Array”
    • “Naukograd”
    • “Chemical plant”
    • “Powerplant”
    • “Industrial track”
  • Optimized the areas with water on the “Factory” map.
  • Now the damage from the acid lake on the “Factory” map is not dealt immediately to the armoured vehicle’s cabin, but to those parts that touch the acid. You can manage to get out of a dangerous lake if you have sufficiently durable movement parts and there are no explosive parts under the vehicle’s bottom.
  • Now destructible objects on maps become translucent if they block the view, and don’t change the camera’s angle.


  • New spawn points on the “Dead Highway” map have been added and improved.
  • Added “Jumping pads” at the following locations:
    • “Ravagers foothold”
    • “East quarter”
    • “Factory”

New mode “Back on patrol”[]

  • Battles in the mode occur between teams of players and AI-controlled vehicles (similar to “Patrol”).
  • Players can earn copper in this mode.
  • Entering the mode costs 5 pts. of gas.
  • The mode is available from reputation level 5 with the Engineers faction.

Range building[]

  • Large blocks, ramps and beams for the ranges were added in the “Factions” — “Building” tab. They can be crafted from smaller blocks and building materials.
  • Now the mines are correctly attached to the building blocks.
  • Now the cost of installing small concrete blocks and ramps is 2 range points, and 3 points for the concrete rings.

Shotgun “Spitfire”

Durability reduced by 10% (from 183 to 165 pts.).

Developer comment: “Spitfire” is an extremely effective weapon on medium PS, far superior to its alternatives. This change is intended to make it equal to other weapons.

Cannon “Judge 76mm”

Gunshot damage (damage from projectile hit on the part) increased by 10%.

Developer comment: Due to the change in the features of the engines and the introduction of a separate module that boosts reloading, we slightly increased the strength of the weapon types that were affected by these changes the most.

Melee weapon “Tempura”

Reload speed increased by 20%.

Developer comment: During the rather long reloading of “Tempura”, the armoured vehicle was a very vulnerable target. This change will help to correct the situation.

Cannon “Prosecutor 76mm”

Gunshot damage (damage from projectile hit on the part) increased by 14%.

Developer comment: Due to the change in the features of the engines and the introduction of a separate module that boosts reloading, we slightly increased the strength of the weapon types that were affected by these changes the most.

Machine gun “ST-M26 Tackler”

  • Minimum spread in motion increased by 25%.
  • Shot spread increase is now higher by 33%.

Developer comment: “Tackler” is an extremely effective weapon on medium PS and in Clan battles, far superior to its alternatives. This change is intended to make it equal to other weapons.

Crossbow “Phoenix”

Mass reduced by 25% (from 1012 to 759 kg).

Developer comment: This change is intended to increase the popularity of “Phoenix”.

Minelayer “Kapkan”

Target capture time reduced from 10 to 7 seconds.

Developer comment: “Kapkan” remains an extremely effective weapon both in missions and in Clan battles. With this change, we try to slightly reduce this efficiency.

Mechanical leg “Bigram”

  • PS increased from 275 to 360.
  • Tonnage reduced from +2000 to +1900 kg.

Developer comment: “Bigrams” are very effective at relatively low PS, as well as in Clan wars. With this change, we try to slightly reduce this efficiency.

Small track

  • Increased the minimum turning radius.
  • Turning sharpness is reduced.

Developer comment: The impressive maneuverability of armoured vehicles with “Small tracks” led to a significant increase in the number of builds with melee weapons, which resulted in monotonous battles. With this change, we want to slightly reduce this effect.

Cabin “The Call”

Now every drone or turret launched increases the cabin’s power by 35%, instead of 50%.

Developer comment: the maneuverability of the “Call” cabin in conjunction with several drones was incredibly high, and this change is intended to slightly reduce the effectiveness of such combinations.

Pulse cannon “Kaiju”

Damage increased by 8%.

Developer comment: “Kaiju” showed rather low efficiency in battles. We implement this change to correct this.

Cabin “Nova”

Maximum cabin speed reduced from 80 to 75 km/h.

Developer comment: “Nova” is the most effective medium cabin in the Clan Wars, which outshines all its competitors. With this change, we want to introduce more diversity into the mode.

Cabin “Beholder”

Maximum cabin speed reduced from 90 to 85 km/h.

Developer comment: Being a medium class cabin, “Beholder” actually occupies a niche of a lightweight cabin. By adjusting its parameters, we want to emphasize the role which was originally intended for this cabin.

Tesla emitters “Spark III” and “Flash I”

Now all armoured vehicles have a maximum value of deceleration from negative effects, which cannot be exceeded. Thus, the simultaneous use of “Spark” and “Flash” will not be able to slow down the opponent above the maximum value.

  • Improved the tab with patches in the personal survivor’s file, including the addition of a filter and a search function for finding a specific patch.
  • Now in the technology tree you can see the recipe for crafting the part from the season, even if it has not been unlocked yet.
  • Removed the following tabs in the gamepad settings:
    • “Restricted camera”;
    • “Camera movement”;
    • “Floating aim”.
  • Updated the appearance of the pulse accelerator “Scorpion”.
  • Added new welding points for “Clarinet TOW”.
  • Improved the reloading animation of the “Emily” revolver.
  • Now all new parts from the “Guiding star” season can be used for vehicle auto assembly.
  • Improved animation of receiving a crafted part.
  • In order to optimize and stabilize the work of the game client, added a limit of 32 exploding objects per range in the player’s garage. The drawing distance of destructible objects has also been reduced.
  • Optimized memory consumption while being in the garage.
  • Fixed a bug where raiders of the Firestarters didn’t leave the site in the “Frontier defense” raid on the “Ship graveyard” map.
  • Improved a number of environmental objects on the “Ship graveyard” map.
  • Fixed the absence of some maps in the rotation of the “Bedlam” mode.
  • Fixed a bug where green effects could appear on the screen on the “Factory” map.
  • Fixed bugs with incorrect placement of trees on the maps “Factory” and “Power plant”.
  • Fixed bugs with the placement of some environmental objects on the “Chemical plant” map.
  • Fixed the possibility of driving through some environmental objects on the map “Power plant”.
  • Fixed the display of faction affiliation of a number of parts in item cards.
  • A number of incorrectly placed environment objects in the garage of the Engineers and the garage of the “Assault Force” have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where AI weapons did not react to the “Absorption sphere” in “Bedlam”.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect location of interface elements on high-resolution monitors.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

Small update, 23.07.2021[]

  • Improved the gameplay voiceover in the “Steel championship” brawl.
  • Fixed a bug with an unusual sound when turning the camera in the garage and in battles.
  • Reduced the amount of points that can be received for the victory in “Steel championship”. We remind you that yesterday we have also reduced the point requirements for entering the brawl. As a result, you will be able to advance through the leagues faster than at the start of the event.
  • Improved a number of in-game descriptions.