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Survivors! Welcome to the new Crossout season “Syndicate”! Complete the tasks of the season, increase your level in the event and unlock new parts of the “Neon Dragon” faction! In this update you will also find: a new PvP map, balance changes and a number of other important improvements and fixes.

In-game event “Syndicate”[]

Attention! The event will last until April 30 inclusive!

  • There are 75 levels in the event. Raising the level of the event can unlock new rewards.
  • If the player has a Battle Pass, 20 in-game coins are rewarded for levels from 76 and above.
  • All players without exception (both with and without a paid Battle Pass) can unlock:
    • Structural parts of the new faction.
    • Recipes for the production of weapons/chassis/cabins/ of the new faction.
    • A banner logo that displays your current level in the event.
  • Players who have acquired a Battle Pass may receive the following additional rewards:
    • Parts that have been crafted before. Please note that such parts are already issued with certain upgrades and cannot be sold/bought on the market.
    • In-game coins.
    • Cosmetic items: paints, stickers, decor, backgrounds for personalizing the banner, holograms.
  • Rewards marked with a lock icon are only available in the Battle Pass.
  • When the event ends, the player will have access to all recipes and structural parts that he managed to unlock.
  • All locked parts (except for structural parts) can be purchased on the in-game market from other players.
  • When the event ends, all locked part recipes will be unavailable.
  • Structural parts can be unlocked some time after the event. The unlock method will be announced later.

Event Level Up[]

  • You can increase your level in the event by completing special challenges:
    • Daily challenges
    • Challenges that are updated during the week. Given on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • At the end of the day, all outstanding daily challenges are reset and replaced with new ones.
  • At the end of the week, all outstanding challenges that are updated during a week are carried over and added to the list of new challenges.
  • Challenges that are updated during the week are divided into “main” and “additional” groups. At one time, 2 „main” and 1 “additional” challenges are issued.
  • Please note that it is possible to get the maximum level in the event by completing only daily and “main” challenges. Completing “additional” challenges will help you increase your level even faster.
  • Try not to miss challenges to open all available rewards as soon as possible.
  • When the event level is increased, the reward is issued automatically.
  • You can still complete regular daily and weekly challenges, save badges and other resources.

New Faction: “Neon Dragon” Syndicate[]

Those who proudly call themselves “Neon Dragon” were once a branch of a Pan-Asian corporation. With Crossout approaching, the attempts to escape its effects have led to the mass cybernetization in their ranks.

The Syndicate uses abandoned high-rise buildings as their bases. Their bright, flamboyant armoured vehicles are visible from afar, and with technically advanced weapons, they quickly proved that the “dragons” are not the ones to be trifled with.


Epic cabin “Jannabi”

  • Lightweight cabin.
  • PS: 1800.
  • Maximum cabin speed: 100 km/h.
  • Tonnage: 4000 kg.
  • Mass limit: 8100 kg.
  • Adds energy: 12 pts.
  • Durability: 230 pts.
  • Weight: 700 kg.
  • Perk: “Increases the weapon damage when armoured vehicle is in a drift.”

Most of the Syndicate’s technical achievements were made possible by advanced energy storage systems. For example, this cabin accumulates the energy that is generated while the armoured vehicle is drifting. It directs the excess energy into the weapon, seriously increasing its damage.

Legendary cabin “Yokozuna”

  • Heavy cabin
  • PS: 2100.
  • Maximum cabin speed: 65 km/h.
  • Tonnage: 10000 kg.
  • Mass limit: 21000 kg.
  • Adds energy: 11 units.
  • Durability: 490 pts.
  • Mass: 4500 kg.
  • Perk: “Upon activation gives a bonus to power and maximum speed. Reactivation sends a drone to the highlighted ally, increasing the power of its cabin. If the cabin is heavy, the maximum speed is also increased. Duration — 13 sec, cooldown 30 sec. ”

In combat, the Syndicate often uses groups of heavy armoured vehicles with this cabin as their base. The support drone modules build into them allow the group to move much faster than one would expect from such massive vehicles.


“Special” activatable contact weapon “Tempura”

  • PS: 570.
  • 30% resistance to explosive damage.
  • Durability: 140 pts.
  • Energy drain: 3 pts.
  • Mass: 94 kg.

A construction welder converted to a melee weapon. After charging, it fires a short stream of high-temperature flame. Burns parts right through. Requires a reload.

“Epic” autonomous drone “Yaoguai”

  • PS: 1375.
  • Ammunition: 8 pcs.
  • Durability: 173 pts.
  • Energy drain: 5 pts.
  • Mass: 405 kg.
  • Perk: “The drone deals increased damage for the first few seconds.”

The Syndicate drones are noticeably different from their equivalents in the Valley. For example, the “Yaoguai” model is fired into the specified area, where it unleashes heavy fire on the enemy. The short active time is compensated by an enhanced weapon system.

“Epic” tracking system “Enlightenment”

  • PS: 275.
  • Durability: 115 pts.
  • Energy drain: 1 unit.
  • Mass: 216 kg.
  • Perk: "When the beacon is shot down, the module’s cooldown is reduced by 30%”.

One cannot hide from the Syndicate — a lesson learned quickly in the Valley. The beacon fired by this module will not only constantly broadcast the enemy’s position on the map, but will also prevent him from using invisibility. Unless an ally destroys it, of course.

“Legendary” minelayer “Jubokko”

  • PS: 1600.
  • Ammunition: 2 pcs. (the weapon reloads after launching 2 mines)
  • Durability: 349 pts.
  • Power consumption: 4 pts.
  • Mass: 360 kg.
  • Perk: “If all projectiles from the burst hit the target, the last of them will deal increased damage”.

The Syndicate’s traps came as an unpleasant surprise to many survivors. After trying to outmaneuver the “dragons”, drivers often found themselves surrounded by turrets of the “Jubokko” model. With almost no ability to move, they became an easy target, held down by electric cables.

“Legendary” pulse cannon “Kaiju”

  • PS: 4400
  • Durability: 1197 pts.
  • Energy drain: 11 units.
  • Mass: 1980 kg.
  • Perk: “If all projectiles of a fully charged weapon hit the enemy, the damage of the next burst will be 125% of the default”.

A high-tech weapon developed by Syndicate engineers. Incredibly accurate and reliable. When fully charged, it deals colossal damage, but consumes a lot of energy. So much so that, as a result of overcharging, it reduces the speed of the armoured vehicle and the guidance of the weapon itself.


“Special” wheel “Camber”

  • PS: 100.
  • Tonnage: +630 kg (+350 for the ST version).
  • Power: -5% (-10% for the ST version).
  • Durability: 135 pts.
  • Mass: 45 kg.

For most Wasteland inhabitants, this kind of wheel tilting looks like a usual malfunction. But for those who like to send their armoured car into a drift, preferably controlled, this is an extra advantage.

“Epic” rolling-based chassis​ “Omni”

  • PS: 380.
  • Max. chassis speed: 90 km/h.
  • Tonnage: +1300 kg.
  • Power: -19%.
  • Durability: 360 pts.
  • Mass: 310 kg.
  • Perk: “Allows to move in any direction.”

This unusual chassis came to the Valley with the Syndicate. Their main feature is the ability to move in any direction. But they will definitely not be used for parallel parking.

The progression and receipt of faction part blueprints occur within the framework of the in-game event “Syndicate”.

“Battle Pass” (Deluxe edition) pack[]

  • Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 15 levels to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for already received levels are automatically made available.
  • Provides access to additional rewards: crafted and upgraded parts, decor, paint, backgrounds for personalizing the banner, CK and coins.
  • The pack can be purchased only once.

“Battle Pass” pack[]

  • Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 1 level to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for already received levels are automatically made available.
  • Provides access to additional rewards: crafted and upgraded parts, decor, paint, backgrounds for personalizing the banner and coins.
  • The pack can be purchased only once.

New PvP map «East quarter»[]

Developer comment:

“East quarter” is the first map in the new style of the Syndicate, which stands out against the existing locations with its urban theme and color palette. The new faction firmly settled there and is not particularly glad to see new visitors. And no matter what brings them to the Syndicate territory — everyone will be provided with a warm welcome.

The fierce battles in the center of the quarter in the “capture” mode allow you to experience all features of the map: height differences, the ability to control points, the balance of pathways and much more.

Multiple shooting openings and good visibility from covers will allow you to play tactically both in defense and in offence. It should not be forgotten that the center of the location is crossed by a dried channel. Fast melee cars can descend there to catch their opponents by surprise and cause panic in the ranks. Therefore, it is better to stick together and watch closely what your opponent’s actions, finding weaknesses in his defense.


  • Now, when an armoured vehicle hits a bush or when the camera is close to a tree, the bush or tree will become translucent and will not block your view. This is implemented only for the “Clean island” and “East quarter” locations, but in the future we plan to implement this for older locations as well.
  • Added destructible objects to the map “Cursed mines”.


  • Raiders blueprints of the “Nomads” faction have been revised.
  • Changed the bases for turrets. Now they do not stay on the map after the destruction of turrets and do not interfere with the movement of players.
  • Improved the draw distance of mines and explosive barrels in raids.
  • Now, if the first player joined the raid at any stage after the second player received sufficient points in this stage, the stage is always counted for the first player.

Custom battle[]

Now you can select the PS range for AI vehicles participating in the battle (only for “Missions”).


Cabin “Werewolf”

Now the drone from the cabin is invulnerable for 1 second after it appears.

Cabin “Favourite”

Changed the mechanics of the perk:

  • Now, when the perk is activated, the heating of weapons stops for 3 seconds.
  • The heat accumulated before the activation of the perk is not reset.

Developer comment: it is not a secret to anyone that the “Favourite” cabin is extremely effective with miniguns and the ability to achieve almost infinite shooting raises many questions among the players. With this rework, we want to make its perk more interesting and precise: the player will be able to discard the radiators in favor of additional weapons and will be able to choose the moment when he will need to his weapon’s heating to deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.

We will monitor the situation around the “Favorite” and miniguns and, if their efficiency indicators will go down, make changes in a timely manner. Possible options include reducing the time required to charge the perk.

Cabin “Howl”

  • Now the bonus from the cabin’s perk decreases gradually and not immediately.
  • Now the damage of weapons and drones increases if you have enemy vehicles in a 25 - meter radius from you (previously - 30 meters).

Developer comment: now the mechanic will be more friendly to the player and will not penalize him with a sharp loss of all bonus damage for briefly moving away from the target. Since the cabin is designed for close combat and no longer resets the entire bonus at once, we slightly reduced the perk’s action radius.

Cabin “The Call”

  • The unique feature of “The Call” cabin is not affected by:
  • “Kapkan” mines
  • “King” mines
  • “Jubokko” mines
  • “Argus” drones
  • “Verifier” detectors

Cabin “Cockpit”

Now the max. perk bonus is 125% (instead of 140% earlier).

Developer comment: we have taken into account your feedback regarding the excessive effectiveness of “Cockpit” with leviathans and agree that one of the main reasons for it is the maximum possible amount of bonus to damage from its perk. We would like to emphasize that, first of all, the change will affect the high efficiency of leviathans with this cabin.


DT “Cobra”

Damage reduced by 10%.

Drone “SIdekick”

Increased initial spread when firing.

Course rocket launcher “Cricket”

Reload time reduced by 8%.

Crossbow “Spike-1”

Reload time increased by 9%.

Defence module “Argus”

Reload time reduced by 15%.

Automatic weapon “Caucasus”

Released burst length reduced by 25%.

Pulse Rifle “R-37-39 Adapter”

Updated the weapon’s perk. Now when all projectiles hit the target within one burst, the last projectile deals 150% damage.

Developer comment: we agree with many that the current weapon’s perk is not very suitable for the “Adapter” archetype, namely, weapons for medium and long distances. The new perk is more suitable for this accurate weapon and will reward accurate players.

Rocket launcher “Pyre”

Explosive damage reduced by 10%.

Cannon “BC-17 Tsunami”

Changed the cannon’s perk:

  • Now the perk allows you to accumulate a charge that increases the damage of the next shot by 30%. Charge accumulation occurs within 2 seconds when your vehicle is stationary.
  • After the shot, the perk recharges for 12 seconds and does not allow you to accumulate a new charge until the red scale of charge accumulation is reset.
  • “BC-17 Tsunami” Projectiles no longer shoot through the parts.

Developer comment: we have taken into account your considerations about the cannon’s strong orientation for positional gameplay. The updated perk will allow you to receive a bonus in a couple of seconds and act more aggressively.

Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon”

Changed the cannon’s perk:

  • Hitting the enemy still increases the reloading time of his weapons by 40%.
  • Now, instead of slowing down the cooling speed, hitting increases the heating speed of enemy weapons.
  • Now the impact effect lasts 3 seconds (previously - 4 seconds).

Developer comment: Typhoon’s perk was quite effective against weapons with reloading, but was hardly efficient when playing against weapons with heating mechanics. The change should fix this and make the perk more useful against different types of vehicles.

P.S. It is worth paying attention to the updated perk of “Favorite” if you want to confront “Typhoons” even more effectively.

Machine gun “Punisher”

Perk’s active time increased by 1 second.


Now all weapons with the shot charging mechanics are not being reloaded, if at the time of the shot the muzzle was blocked by other parts, and the shot did not occur.


Augers and tracks

Reworked the chassis’ mechanics:

  • Vehicles with 4 or more augers or tracks are much more responsive in motion and turn much faster on the spot.
  • Vehicles with 4 or more augers respond correctly to turns during the strafe.
  • The overall comfortability of controlling the vehicle with augers has been improved: changing the movement direction, turns, transitions from forward and backward to strafe and vice versa.
  • Fixed a feature where turning the tracked car at low speed led to the car being “stuck” in place.
  • The interface of the “Trade” tab in the “Trade and parameters” menu has been improved:
    • Now you can familiarize yourself with the schedule of changes in the price of a particular item.
    • You can also select the period displayed in the graph: 2 weeks, week and day.
    • You can select 2 types of charts displayed: regular and stock charts.
  • Added profit filters to the market interface (the difference between the sale price and the purchase price, with the commission taken into account) and ROI (a coefficient that illustrates the level of profitability or loss of transactions with the item on the market).
  • Added the ability to search for all armoured vehicles posted to the exhibition by the same player. To do this, specify the player’s nickname in the tab with the car’s name and start the search.
  • Now you can rename the blueprint of your car, leviathan or range at the exhibition. To do this, open the blueprint’s context menu and select “Rename”.
  • Improved display of the sight at low screen resolutions.
  • Improved display of a personal profile tab.
  • Updated effects and animation of in-game notifications on player’s progress during the season.
  • Improved display of many icons for the parts mounted on a leviathan.
  • Improved the auto-assembly function: added new parts for automatic assembly of the vehicle and corrected the set of prepared blueprints.
  • Improved physical model of the revolver “Corvo”.
  • Improved models of the decor “Army headlight” (right and left).
  • Added welding points for cabins: “Guerilla”, “Huntsman”, “Thug”, “Bear”.
  • Radiator model of “RN Seal” has been updated.
  • Updated the active time of factional flags received from containers.
  • Improved the physical model of the part “Narrow wing” and fixed the possibility of installing weapons in a way that the muzzle was inside the wing.
  • Fixed a bug where the warning signal of “Mandrake” continued to play, even if the weapon was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where a collision with something or someone could lead to a wheel lock.
  • Fixed a bug where switching to wheel mode when using the “Bigram” mechanical leg could cause a serious decrease in the speed of the car.
  • Fixed a bug where quick message icons could appear above cars in a test drive.
  • Now the car with active quadcopter drones can be turned to the wheels with a jack.
  • Now the exhaust pipe animation works correctly, regardless of the vehicle’s direction.
  • Fixed a bug where opponents in raids could activate turrets without reloading the launch modules.
  • Fixed a bug where “Steppenwolfs” raiders with homing and precision rockets could attack invisible opponents.
  • Now the cabins “Cerberus” and “Tusk” are taken into account in the progress of challenges for dealing contact damage.
  • Fixed a bug where “Steppenwolfs” raiders could appear outside the gate on the “Cursed mines” map.
  • Now the “Flute” rockets fly correctly towards the target pointer even with the “Alt” key pressed.
  • Now the damage from Tesla emitters correctly passes through the parts being shot and deals damage to the parts located behind them.
  • Now the upgrade to reduce the spread of single-shot shotguns is correctly displayed in the parameters of the gun.
  • Fixed a bug where a “Kapkan” mine could immobilize the drone of the “Argus” defence module.
  • Fixed a bug where the use of the “Kapkan” minelayer was not taken into account in the progress of obtaining the “Minelayer mastery” patch.
  • Fixed a bug where a player could lose control of a car after it collided with a moving truck in raids.
  • Now, when the “Argus” defence module is activated, all bombs attached to the armoured vehicle and on the way of drone takeoff are destroyed and do not cause damage to the module owner.
  • Improved the location of environmental objects on the “Lost Coast” map.
  • Improved environmental objects on the maps “Sandy gulf” and “Terminal-45”.
  • Improved installation of a number of objects for the range.
  • Improved a number of icons, texts and descriptions.

Small update, 12.02.2021[]

  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions (including the added bonus value to the perk of the “Jannabi” cabin)
  • Fixed a bug with display of faction blueprints in faction interface.