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It's time to check your engines and refuel the boosters, because the update “Madness Circuit” has come to Crossout! Compete on new, purpose-built racing tracks and don't forget to try the change of weather and destructible objects in your garage while you rest!

Brawl “Race”[]

One of the main points in many suggestions has always been the creation of special racing tracks balanced for fast cars. And we are happy to present the first two tracks created exclusively for this mode!

Special circuit “Rocky Track”[]


Who and why developed this canyon in the past is no longer so important, what matters is that now this place gathers all the reckless fans of speed. They flock here to prove themselves, to test the strength of their armoured car and to beat as many rivals as possible. Long straights, winding bends, branching turns and even a small reservoir — all this only adds to the spectacle, forcing adrenaline to pump in your veins.

Special circuit “Industrial Track”[]

The most persistent fans of speed remained true to their hobby even after the end of the world. A group of people, only connected by their love of speed and victories, built a small track on the site of the industrial complex. The collected funds were enough only for new red-and-white direction indicators, and abandoned cars were used for the rest — they turned into walls to outline the circuit.

Please note that the tracks are fundamentally different:

  • The circuit “Rocky Track” is designed for fast cars capable of developing maximum speed and overtaking opponents at long straights.
  • The “Industrial Track” is something completely different. Here success will largely depend on the manoeuvrability of your car and your ability to control the speed and squeeze into turns.

In this regard, the rotation of tracks in the mode will be known in advance. Thus, you will always know the currently active track and you will be able to build the right car, suitable for the conditions of the mode:

  • The circuit “Rocky Track” will be available on Tuesdays, from 08:00 to 16:00 GMT. It has enough space for 8 players.
  • The circuit “Industrial Track” will be available on Fridays, from 00:00 to 08:00 GMT and from 16:00 to 00:00 GMT. A maximum of 6 players can compete on it.


  • Two new tracks are the first of the planned batch. In future updates, we are planning to add new tracks.
  • All old racetracks based on existing maps were removed from rotation. We would like racing tracks to meet a certain level of quality and not be an adaptation of maps created for battles.

Additional changes:

  • Now the checkpoints will occupy the entire width of the race track, not limited by the gate.
  • Now the player returns to the track not only at checkpoints but also at the special points of “revival”. When returning to the track, the point closest to the point of destruction of the player's car will be automatically selected.

Please note that these are only the first changes for the “Race” among those planned. Efforts to improve the mode will continue. All changes will be announced in special news or update descriptions.

Crossout — Adrenaline (Deluxe Edition)[]

Unique armoured car “Moby 935”:

  • Weapon: epic machine gun “MG13 Equalizer” — 2 pcs.
    • Unique epic cabin “Cockpit”
    • Lightweight cabin.
    • PS: 1800.
    • Max. speed: 105 km/h.
    • Tonnage: 3700 kg.
    • Weight limit: 7700 kg.
    • Produced energy: 12 units.
    • Durability: 245 pts.
    • Mass: 450 kg.
    • Perk: “1. Always increases the booster charge by 50% and the heating rate by 30%. 2. At speeds above 75 km/h, each active booster increases damage: normal — by 3%, rare — by 6%, epic — by 11%.”
  • Racecar structural parts.
  • Unique character portrait “Jacques Kremer”.
  • 4000 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player gets:

  • Rare “Chained wheel” (2 normal, 2 ST) with unique CK “Fast lap” — 4 pcs.
  • Rare booster “Blastoff” with unique CK “Slipstream” —6 pcs.
  • Unique background and logo.
  • The decor of legendary rarity “Spoiler” and a set of unique stickers.
  • Unique paint cans of legendary rarity: “Turquoise gloss”, “Pale yellow gloss”, “Carmine gloss” and “Blue gloss”.
  • The maximum number of parts increased to 55.

Jacques Kremer was a promising test pilot. He worked in the sports team of a car manufacturer engaged in serious special machinery, and raced more for the sake of advertising, although he had great success. Jacques dreamed of podiums and dizzying speeds, he wanted to break into motorsport, see the world and give it a good shake. But the end of the world cut his plans short.

Having lost all hope, he wandered for many years and barely survived. But one day he learned about the races held in the Valley, and the old dream burned inside him with renewed vigour. Jacques returned home, found like-minded people among old colleagues, and together they breathed new life into the legendary “Moby 935”. The world again heard the roar of its engine, announcing that even after the end of the world people did not stop dreaming.

Attention! The elite version of the “Adrenaline” pack will be available in the official Gaijin store until September 13 inclusive!

Crossout — Adrenaline[]

Unique armoured car “Moby 935”.

  • Weapon: epic machine gun “MG13 Equalizer” — 2 pcs.
  • Unique epic cabin “Cockpit”.
  • Racecar structural parts.
  • Unique character portrait “Jacques Kremer”.
  • 1500 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player gets:

  • Rare “Chained wheel” — 4 pcs. (2 normal, 2 ST).
  • Rare booster “Blastoff” — 6 pcs.
  • Unique paint can of legendary rarity “Blue gloss”.
  • The maximum number of parts increased to 55.

Destructible objects in garages[]

We continue to test destructible objects in the game, and in this update, we added the first destructible objects to the test drive zones of all garages. Of course, this is not the limit, and we plan to continue to work in this direction to make sure similar interactive environments can appear in other game locations.

Selection of weather conditions in test drive[]


Now on the garage selection screen (“Garage” tab in the profile), you can select weather conditions in test drive mode. Like any particular weather or need to take a screenshot under certain conditions? No problem!

  • By default, your garage has random weather.
  • When you re-enter the game, the weather in the garage can change.
  • After you set particular weather, your choice will remain, and the weather will not change until you change it yourself.


  • Raiders of the “Steppenwolfs” faction have been added to raids.
  • Added new patches and trials related to new raiders.
  • The old “Chase” raid has been switched off in the “Custom battle” mode.


Added special leviathan check that prohibits the use of such parts as: fuel barrels, fuel tanks and the "Rift 2M" module.

Structural parts[]

  • Now, with each new level of prestige in the “Lunatics” faction, the player will get random structural parts from the following list (until all the parts are received):
    • “Pole position” — 1 pc.
    • “Left backmarker” and “Right backmarker” — 1 of each.
    • “Left bend” and “Right bend” — 1 of each.
  • Thus, all structural parts can be obtained for 3 levels of prestige with the “Lunatics” faction.
  • Attention! The parts are issued for each new level of prestige obtained after the update. Prestige levels received before the update are not counted, and the parts are not given for them.
  • If you purchased the “Adrenaline” pack (regular or deluxe), then if you increase the level of prestige with the “Lunatics” faction, additional structural parts will not be issued.

Guided missile “Clarinet TOW”

  • Improved missile control in the controlled flight phase.
  • Changed the location of the scope when controlling the missile.
  • Now, if the part is installed on the car, the player will not be able to accidentally sell it while selling the same parts from the storage.
  • Reworked the appearance of icons displaying the functions of the mouse or gamepad.
  • Base markers and their capture status have been improved.
  • Improved the display of backgrounds in the “Trials” profile tab.
  • Improved the display of leagues in leaderboards if the filter is enabled.
  • Added alert about the level from which the exhibition is available when trying to open a link to a blueprint at low levels.
  • Improved trading interface.
  • The appearance of the decor “Explorer” has been improved.
  • Improved painting of the part “LED lights”.
  • Improved the effect of new drone launch from modules after their reloading.
  • Improved the correspondence of the surfaces of the map “Ravagers foothold” to the sounds.
  • Improved the visual effect of raindrops.
  • Fixed a bug where rockets could explode near the target without contacting it.
  • Fixed a bug where environment objects that only partially blocked the view completely hid the player's car.
  • Fixed a bug where track models could ripple when changing the camera position.
  • Fixed a bug where the cost of accelerating the production of a part could not be displayed on the corresponding button.
  • Fixed a bug with raiders getting stuck in one of the environmental objects on the map “Ship graveyard” (raid “Frontier defence”).
  • Fixed a bug where switching to the market from the production window of any part with subsequent return to the previous window moved the player to the workbench of the “Engineers” faction.
  • “Cohort” cabin drones no longer approach invisible targets.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the mechanical leg mode of “Bigram” during the use of the scope module could lead to graphical errors.
  • Fixed a bug where the car in the brawl “Battle Royale” did not flip back the first time even in the absence of any barriers.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Blood Rocks” location where some environment objects could disappear at a certain camera position.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the passage through the tunnel on the “Lost Coast” map was actually lower than it looked visually.
  • Fixed a bug where a long clan name consisting of wide letters could not fit into the leaderboard.
  • The lighting in the garage of the “Assault Force” has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of text in the part card in the technology tree.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.

Hotfix, 18.08.2020[]

  • Recorded and added new cannon shell casing sound effects.
  • Tweaked volume of sound effect for “Summator” projectile hit.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of the “Punisher” machine gun shooting with the active perk was heard only by its owner.
  • Improved spawn points on new racing tracks.
  • The window with additional information about the “Race” mode now displays the current track.
  • Improved visibility on night and evening maps in legacy GPU compatibility mode.

Hotfix, 20.08.2020[]

Improved client stability.