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Steel Championship returns to the Wasteland with new unique rewards! In the update 0.10.70, we also made many important changes that affect the rookie experience and tutorials for new players, added a new map for PvP battles, improved the "Invasion" mode and made the necessary balance changes.

Steel Championship in Crossout![]

Attention! The event will last until August 18, 20:59 GMT!

Crossout Football Championship is reaching another level! Start your armoured car, grab the harpoon and go!

No embittered solos — only teamplay. No killing — let's leave notorious violence to the Rat King and his talking monkeys, serious people play by serious rules. And let everything be huge: a huge field and a huge ball, assembled from steel strips and reinforcing bars. Excitement and passion —just like the best days of the old world!

The main conditions of the mode:

  • Players can take part in the mode both as a group and individually as part of a randomly selected team.
  • The match takes place in the “3vs3” format.
  • The match lasts 5 minutes. The team that scores more goals against the opponents wins.
  • If a team leads the opponent by 5 goals scored, the match automatically ends with a victory for this team.
  • In the case of a tie in regular time, overtime is appointed.
    • Gather all your strength and play as one, because during overtime, the first goal scored leads to the victory of one of the teams.
    • Overtime lasts 5 minutes.
    • If during the overtime, none of the teams scores a goal, the match ends in a draw.
  • Players cannot destroy each other.
  • Participation in this brawl counts towards the assignment for 9 successful battles in brawls.
  • A victory earns the player rating points, the number of which depends on his place in the leaderboard and belonging to one of the leagues.
  • A defeat leads to the loss of a certain number of rating points.
  • Moving to the higher league level opens up new unique rewards.
  • Besides, participants in the battle receive reputation and scrap metal at the end of each match.

The list of leagues and corresponding rewards (in order of increasing the level of the league):

  • Tin (100-199 rating points). Reward — a unique themed background for your banner.
  • Copper (200 - 399 rating points). Reward — a unique “rare” paint “Fresh turf”.
  • Iron (400 - 599 rating points). Reward — a unique themed background for your banner.
  • Bronze (600 - 799 rating points). Reward — a unique “rare” paint “Red glade”.
  • Silver (800 - 1199 rating points). Reward — a unique “rare” decor “Rusted rim”.
  • Gold (1200 - 1499 rating points). Reward — a CK for the racing wheel “Formula U”.
  • Palladium (1500 - 1699 rating points). Reward — a unique epic rarity decor “Bobble ball”.
  • Platinum (1700 - 1999 rating points). Reward — a unique epic rarity decor “Steel trophy”.
  • Diamond (2000+ rating points). The reward is a unique epic rarity decor “Fan duck”.

Also, all participants will be able to get new themed stickers for a certain number of victories in the brawl:

  • For 1 victory in the brawl, the player gets a rare sticker “Fire show”.
  • For 3 victories in the brawl, the player gets a rare sticker “Fan enforcer”".
  • For 5 victories in the brawl, the player gets a rare sticker “Crossfire”.
  • For 8 victories in the brawl, the player gets a rare sticker “Fight Cup”.
  • For 10 victories in the brawl, the player gets a rare sticker “Riveted ball”.

We remind you that quitting rated brawls before their completion is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, your account may be temporarily blocked in the "Steel Championship" mode. Each repeated abuse will increase the blocking time.

“Third half” pack[]

Attention! The pack is a temporary offer. You can purchase it from July 22 to August 21, 20:59 GMT.

Don't miss out on joining an army of football fans in the Wasteland and become the owner of a unique armoured “Fan Van”!

The pack includes:

  • Unique armoured car: “Fan van”;
  • Unique legendary horn: “Vuvuzela”;
  • Unique legendary decor: “Black and Blue” flare; and “Red Eye” flare;
  • Unique character portrait: Hector;
  • Unique relic stickers: “Ball in the game”;
  • A spray can with unique relic paint: “To the championship!” ;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 40;
  • 500 in-game coins.

New map “Crater”[]

A crater about 500 m in diameter. A space shuttle was found in the centre of the crater, but the width of the cavity is too large for such an object. It was probably formed much earlier and for reasons unrelated to the crash of the ship.

The map is an open area, the main advantage of which is excellent visibility from any position. The main landmark is a crater occupying an ample space on the map. The bridge on the edge helps in navigation and allows for manoeuvring under it and between the columns. The central zone is the most open part of the "Crater" with a capture point inside. In the centre you can see the nomad tech, serving as cover for those capturing the point.


  • Improved relief on the maps “Nameless Tower” and “Fortress”.
  • Added new objects of the environment on the maps “Broken Arrow”, “Ship Graveyard”.
  • Updated the map “El Diablo Gorge”.
  • Updated the map “Lost coast”.

Reworked mechanics, affecting the first experience and tutorials for new players[]

  • Added a new medium cabin of normal rarity — Sprinter
    • Faction: “Engineers”.
    • Can be crafted on the “Engineer workbench”.
    • PS: 250.
    • Max. speed: 90 km / h.
    • Tonnage: 2800 kg.
    • Maximum weight: 6000 kg.
    • Gives energy: 8 units.
    • Durability: 185 pts.
    • Mass: 250 kg.
  • The starting chain of challenges, as well the number of received and the procedure for obtaining structural parts, have been improved. For high-level players, additional components will appear in stock automatically.
  • Now the market becomes available only when reaching the 8th reputation level with the Engineers faction.
  • If your current reputation level is below 8 and before the change in mechanics you managed to put the goods up for sale, they will return to the storage as soon as their time on the market is up.
  • From the 8th level of the Engineers faction, only those parts that a player can craft/ use at the current level are displayed on the market.
    • Buying/selling/ crafting parts that unlock at higher levels is not possible.
    • Acquisition of a pack with high-level parts allows using them, but trading will still be unavailable until the required level of reputation is achieved.
    • Epic rarity parts become available at level 10 of the Engineers faction. Legendary parts — at level 14. Exceptions are decor, paint, stickers and other entities whose crafting/use is not limited to the current player level.
  • The missions “Get the cabin!”, “Get the shotgun!”, “Get the machine gun!”, “Get the cannon!” and “Get the Wheels!” have been removed.
    • Instead of the above missions, the mission “Get the scrap metal!” is added.
    • Common parts from the removed missions can be made on the faction workbench - “Engineer workbench”.
    • Increased the amount of scrap received after each battle.
  • The limits were extended for the maximum number of vehicle parts as new levels of reputation were obtained (compared to the restrictions that were at the same levels of reputation before the update):
    • Level 3 (from now on, the "Engineers" faction): the new limit is 29 parts (instead of 25 before the update).
    • Level 5: the new limit is 37 parts (instead of 30 before the update).
    • Level 7: the new limit is 44 parts (instead of 35 before the update).
    • Level 10: the new limit is 50 parts (instead of 40 before the update).
    • Level 13: the new limit is 56 parts (instead of 45 before the update).
    • Level 16: the new limit is 62 parts (instead of 50 before the update).
    • Level 19: the new limit is 68 parts (instead of 56 before the update).
    • Level 22: the new limit is 74 parts (instead of 62 before the update).
    • Level 25: the new limit is 80 parts (instead of 68 before the update).
  • Changed daily challenges set. Now players can access the following challenges:
    • Take part in 1 mission or raid (instead of the daily login challenge).
    • Achieve 2 mission victories.
    • Achieve 3 mission victories (becomes available only after completing the previous challenge).
    • Achieve 1 victory in raids.
    • Achieve 2 victories in raids (becomes available only after completing the previous challenge).
    • Achieve 2 victories with a particular weapon.
    • Achieve 3 victories with a particular weapon (becomes available only after the previous challenge).
    • Make an operation in the market.
    • Complete 3 daily challenge.
    • Complete 5 daily challenges (becomes available only after the previous challenge has been completed).
    • The total amount of scrap obtained for the completion of all challenges remains the same.
    • New daily challenges will take effect on Tuesday, July 23.
  • Due to an increased amount of daily challenges, we’ve changed the weekly challenge. Now it’s needed to compete 42 daily challenges per week (instead of 25).
  • Improved a series of faction blueprints.
  • Now the exhibition, auto-assembly, part upgrading, co-drivers and exchange of Engineer badges are gradually available up to level 10 of reputation with the Engineers faction.
  • Now “Clan battles” and the possibility of joining the clan are available from level 10 of the Engineers faction.
  • Now, upon reaching the 7th and 10th reputation levels with the Engineers faction, as well as on the 3nd reputation level with the other factions, the player is issued an exclusive coupon, which gives the right to produce 1 "rare" part on the workbench of this faction for free.
  • The crafting time of parts on “rare” workbenches has been reduced to 15 minutes.
  • Now parts on “common” workbenches are made instantly.
  • Now, when moving to each new level of reputation with the “Engineers” faction up to 30, the stock of fuel in the tank is automatically filled to the maximum.
  • Added a new portrait “Wanda”, available from reputation level 1 with the “Engineers” faction. All players whose current level is above 1 will automatically receive this portrait in their collection during the day.

New CK mechanics[]

With the update 0.10.70, we change the mechanics of appearance customization kits (CK).

  • Now, one CK can be applied to an unlimited number of parts, whose appearance it changes.
  • In your storage, CK can at any time be removed from parts for free.
  • It is now possible to apply CK to both permanent and temporary parts.
  • To compensate for extra CKs that may be in your storage, we introduce the possibility of their exchange.
    • All the extra CKs are replaced with special containers.
    • When you open each container (right-click on the container and select “Exchange”), you may choose one of CKs of the same rarity or in-game coins.
    • The amount of coins you receive depends on selected CK’s rarity and the fact that it was or wasn’t present in the in-game store.
    • You receive more coins for CKs that were sold in the in-game store.
    • After a successful exchange, the extra CK disappears from the warehouse.
  • Please note, that all the extra CKs that were received as rewards for tournaments and contests can not be exchanged, because they were handed out in several copies per one victory.
  • If the replacement of doubling CK for the container didn’t happen - please, contact the technical support unit.

Premium subscription[]

  • “New scanner” is now called “Premium subscription”.
  • For your convenience, new subscription options have been added to the in-game store. Full list of available Premium subscription options:
    • For 3 days.
    • For 7 days.
    • For 30 days.
    • For 90 days.
    • For 360 days.


  • The brawl “Free for all” now has the following maps added to the rotation: “Wrath of Khan”, “Sandy Gulf”, “Fortress”, “Old Town”, “Thermal Power Plant”, “Sandy Valley” and “Nameless Tower”.
  • The brawl “Big black scorpions” now has the following maps added to the rotation: “Control Station-17”, “Founders Canyon” and “Desert Valley”.
  • Now, if you win the "Race" on the car with a fuel barrel/tank and quit the mode before it ends, the player receives fuel.


The following maps have been added to the rotation of the mode: “Rock City”, “Nameless Tower” and “Bridge”.


  • The tower in the “Invasion” is replaced by three towers with a shared durability pool. The destruction of one of the towers will lead to a decrease in the total durability pool by a third. Now players have more chances for successful completion of the mode even in the case of the emergence of leviathans with explosive spears.
  • Now the destruction of each enemy in the mode is accompanied by the appearance of ammunition/shells to replenish ammo.


“Perimeter breach”

  • Cargo durability is reduced at all raid difficulty levels.
    • “Easy” — by 33%.
    • “Normal” — by 25%.
    • “Hard” — by 20%.
  • Changed raider spawn points.

“The last convoy” and “Gone in two minutes”

At the “Normal” difficulty level, the truck's durability is reduced by 9%.

“Data theft”

  • “Normal” difficulty level: tower durability reduced by 25%.
  • Difficulty level: “Hard”: tower durability reduced by 20%.

“Steel cradle”

  • The durability of the leaders of the Raiders is reduced by 20%.
  • Damage done by the ringleaders is increased by 1,5 times.

Clan battles[]

  • Reduced the duration of the intro. The player is no longer shown his team members.
  • Now points are awarded for effective actions in overtime in Clan battles.



  • Cabin power increased by 7%.
  • Tonnage increased by 9% (from 5500 to 6000 kg.).
  • The maximum weight is increased by 9% (from 11,000 to 12,000 kg.).

Developer comment: It is not a secret that among “medium” cabs there are those that are closer in their parameters to light ones and those that are closer to heavy cabins. With these changes, we would like to shift the “Ghost” towards heavier cabins capable of carrying more parts. We will monitor how changes affect the efficiency of the cabin and will be ready to make additional changes.


  • Now the damage from the perk increases if there are enemies within a radius of 30 meters (previously — 20 meters).
  • Maximum damage bonus reduced from 25% to 20%.

Developer comment: The current situation is such that the cabin's perk is challenging to implement with such close-range weapons as shotguns, due to its insufficient range. We would like to make using perks easier for the owners of "Howl" and shotguns, and therefore we increase its radius. This change will require a small reduction in bonus damage to compensate for increased efficiency.  


Revolver “Corvo”

  • Firing range increased by 20%.
  • Gun accuracy increased by 10%.

Developer comment: Changes from the previous update had a positive effect on the revolver, but statistics show that it needs additional improvements. Increasing the accuracy and range of fire will have a positive impact on the gun, and it will be more consistent with its role as an accurate revolver.

Plasma gun “Quasar”

Changed the physical model of the weapon.

Minigun “Arbiter”

Now the maximum bonus damage from the perk is accumulated over 7 seconds. (previously — 10 sec.).

Developer comment: In its current version, the maximum benefit from the perk of the "Arbiter" is quite tricky to use. The maximum increase in damage is accumulated slowly and requires the player to have a lot of experience and to choose the right position. The change simplifies this task and increases the efficiency of the minigun, but it is still worth remembering that the "Arbiter" is not a weapon for the front line. Competent choice of position in a team battle is one of the keys to success with miniguns.

“Reaper” minigun

Weapon durability increased by 15% (from 450 to 520 units).

Developer comment: The previous increase in the durability of the minigun naturally increased the effectiveness of the weapon in battle, but its survival rate in the average fight still does not meet our expectations. Extra durability is meant to solve this problem.

Shotgun “Hammerfall”

Changed the perk. Now it works as follows: “Every 100 meters passed by the car, give 1 charge, which is spent when fired and guaranteed to turn off the enemy’s weapon rotation for 0.5 s. Maximum 1 charge.”

Developer comment: we consider gameplay with shotguns as constant movement and manoeuvring close to the enemy. Given this, we have reworked the perk of the "Hammerfall". Now players can accumulate charges in the heat of battles and continue to control the enemy. Previously, this was difficult because of the considerable distance that needed to be driven to get a new charge.

Plasma gun “Pulsar”

Reload time increased by 11% (from 4.5 to 5 sec.).

Developer comment: The combination of severe damage and excellent durability provides the Pulsar with increased efficiency compared to other "legendary" weapons. A slight increase in the reload time of the gun will reduce the total damage dealt by cars with "Pulsars" in battle, and will allow you to balance the weapon relative to other arms of the same rarity.


  • Now all non-tradeable decor, obtained earlier and which will be received in the future, will not occupy space in storage.
  • The descriptions of such parts, as well as other items that do not occupy space in the warehouse, now display relevant information.


“Neutrino” scope

The minimum zoom of the sight increased by 8%.

  • Added in-game surveys
    • When you first start the game after the update, you will be invited to take part in surveys to improve the quality of the game and deliver feedback to the development team.
    • If you refused to participate in surveys, and then changed your mind, you can turn on polls in the menu “Settings” - “General” - “Game” - “Enable surveys”.
  • Updated interface showing the current durability of the armoured vehicle.
  • The descriptions of scopes now have information about their zoom.
  • Now for the observers in "Custom battle" all the participants in the battle, as well as their drones and turrets, are highlighted with coloured frames that are visible through the objects of the environment.
  • Now, with each exit from the “Adventure” mode, the player is shown a screen of results and current progress in the mode.
  • The storage interface has updated icons for the parts that are currently in use.
  • Updated many small interface elements.
  • Now the leader of the group will see the nickname of a specific player who currently cannot fight in the notification.
  • Added new sound effects for environment objects at the “El Diablo Gorge” location.
  • All sounds of machine guns in the game are transferred to the new system. The sound of a machine gun is no longer one pre-recorded loop. Each shot is formed from separate sound files. This gives more variability and reduces the likelihood of sound artefacts.
  • Added option to disable the stun effect (Settings - Audio - Stun effect).
  • Added an option that allows you to turn off the playback of all sounds in the game (improves game performance on budget computers).
  • Added option to limit the number of simultaneously played sounds (improves game performance on budget computers).
  • Updated the sound of firing the “Reaper”.
  • The sound of the Minigun “PU13 Equalizer” firing has been updated.
  • Improved the model of “Howl”.
  • Improved appearance of fire pools.
  • The effects of shell and bullet flight for “Spectre-2”, “ZIS-34 Fat Man”, “Reaper”, “Mandrake”, all automatic guns are improved.
  • Fixed a bug where the hit of a "ZIS-46 Mammoth" projectile to the decor was counted as a miss.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect current status of the player could be displayed when he was added to "Custom battle".
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect collision of environmental objects on the "Nameless Tower" map.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in some objects of the environment on the map “Rock City”.
  • Fixed a bug where at the beginning of the mission “Urgent Delivery” in Adventure, cars on augers could get stuck in the landscape.
  • Fixed bugs with drawing objects of the environment and their incorrect location on the maps: “Factory”, “Old Town”, “Founders canyon”.
  • Fixed a bug with the presence of invisible walls on the map “Cursed mines”.
  • Updated “Founders Canyon” mini-map.
  • Fixed several bugs associated with incorrect spawn points of raiders on maps.
  • Corrected and improved some text strings.
  • Fixed a bug where you could enter a battle on a car with an excess of the weight limit.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of clan tags.
  • Fixed a bug where changing chat languages could lead to their simultaneous work.
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of raiders in the "Adventure" mode.
  • Corrected the accuracy parameter of the “Elephant” cannon in the weapon characteristics window.
  • Fixed a bug related to the absence of rolling sounds in some game clips.
  • The bug with incorrect display of the zone where invisible players are by the “Oculus” in the observer mode has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the sensitivity of the mouse in observer mode changed while observing a player with Mandrake in aiming mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the turrets, drones and automatic weapons “Caucasus” could not respond to objects in the “Adventure” mode.
  • Fixed a bug in which the final sound of the hologram “Carnivore” was played after its removal from the car.
  • Fixed a bug where disabling chat in battle did not lead to hiding all messages.
  • Fixed a bug where a “Custom battle” was launched without waiting for at least one connected player.
  • Fixed an issue where the reload enhancement of the “Nidhogg” shotgun did not work in motion.
  • Fixed a bug with broken links to leviathans from the exhibition.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Backstab” patch was issued for the destruction of drones.


After analyzing the results of the latest mass testing, we decided to postpone several changes to later updates:

  • We are not cancelling the to change the “Scorpion”, thanks to which it will stop dealing 100% damage to penetrable parts. We are still planning to add the change to the game, but in parallel we want to modify the physical model of the gun and make it smaller (just like with the “Quasar”). We would not like to make these changes separately from each other, so you should expect them in one of the upcoming updates.
  • The change hover intertia is also still planned, but needs some work. We would like to achieve completely satisfactory behavior of hover vehicles, where they'd be able to climb on inclined surfaces not due to inertia, but due to traction (like cars with wheels) and, at the same time, would not be able to climb into places on maps inaccessible to other movement parts.

Hotfix, 23.07.2019[]

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect statistics calculation in personal survivor's file.
  • Fixed a bug, when the daily challenge on 5 completed daily tasks was impossible to achieve. Please note that if you have already completed all available daily tasks, this challenge will not be completed automatically. It will not be possible to complete the challenge until tomorrow, when the list of daily tasks is updated.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect colour indication of personal score in the "Steel championship" brawl.
  • Fixed a couple of artworks for tutorial tasks.

Small update, 25.07.2019[]

  • Fixed a couple of graphics bugs
  • Improved client stability.