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New map “Sandy gulf”[]

The map is an open area, with its main advantage being good visibility from any point, which will allow you to quickly get the required tactical information. There is a number of sniper positions for ranged combat, and the perimeter is made so that fast vehicles can efficiently break into the enemy’s flank.

  • The map is included in the rotation of the “Mission” mode
  • Battles on the map are based on the “Assault” scenario
  • The map is also available in the “Custom battle” mode

Survivor’s garage[]

To celebrate Victory day we have erected a commemorative monument in the survivor's garage.

The tank will appear next week with the beginning of the special event!

Additional story campaign “Contagion”[]

  • With update 0.10.50, we are presenting three additional story tasks for the “Adventure” mode. In the future, we plan to increase their number.
  • An additional story campaign is unlocked after the completion of the task “Wretched hole” in the main “Awakening” chain. Please note that the last task becomes available only after completing the “Experiment” task.
  • The “Contagion” campaign's tasks can be replayed, while in the group. For this, it is necessary that the leader of the group accepting the tasks has not completed them yet. You can also reset the progress of your own story campaign after completing the main tasks.
  • The additional campaign is automatically available to those players who did not reset the progress of their own story campaign.

“Clan battles”[]

Now, if a player or an entire team intentionally quit at the beginning of the battle (unsportsmanlike behaviour), their access to “Clan battles” is blocked for a short period. The blocking also extends to cases where all team members self-destruct at the beginning of a battle.


Now, melee weapons can deal damage to enemy turrets in raids, even if they only reach the base of the turret.

Structural parts[]

  • Now, with each new level of prestige in the “Firestarters” faction, the player will get random structural parts from the following list (until all the parts are received):
    • “Left Death fender” and “Right Death fender” — 1 pc. (both parts are issued for one level of prestige)
    • “Finale” — 1 pc.
    • “The Omen” — 1 pc.
  • Thus, all structural parts can be obtained for 3 levels of prestige with the Firestarters faction.
  • Attention! The parts are issued for each new level of prestige obtained after the update. Prestige levels received before the update are not counted, and the parts are not given for them.
  • If you purchased the “Horsemen of Apocalypse: Death” pack, then if you increase the level of prestige with the Firestarters faction, additional structural parts will not be issued.


Melee weapon “Harvester”

  • Base damage reduced by 25%.
  • Now the “Harvester” deals 160% more damage to enemies under the influence of negative effects, as well as heated vehicle parts.
  • Reduced ram damage dealt by the Harvester.

Developer comment: The latest balance changes of the “Harvester” partially solved the problem with its excessive efficiency at low PS values, however, this is not enough to achieve the goal. We also take into account the need to preserve the effectiveness of weapons at high PS, so we compensate for the reduction in base damage by increasing the damage from the perk.

Shotgun “Junkbow”

Shotgun spread increased by 25%.

Developer comment: After evaluating the current statistics and your feedback, we came to the conclusion that, despite its high spread, “Junkbow” can still be used for precise shots aimed at weapons and it can disarm the enemy too quickly. This does not correspond to our vision of single-shot improvised shotguns, and therefore we decided to increase its spread.

Autocannon “AC43 Rapier”

Autocannon projectile explosion radius increased by 20%.

Developer comment: The current effectiveness of the “Rapier” is a little low compared to other rare weapons, especially at medium PS. Therefore, we increased the autocannon projectile explosion radius.

Harpoon “Skinner” and minelayer “Kapkan”

Now, if the enemy trapped in the “Kapkan” or hit by “Skinner”, has been destroyed, the owner of the harpoon or the minelayer gets the assistance credit.

“Mandrake” howitzer and “Incinerator” catapult

Improved aiming mechanics for howitzers and catapults. The changes touch upon the scope's sensitivity and the camera's behaviour when the aiming mode is toggled.

Drones “Sidekick” and “Fuze” and “Barrier IX” turret

Reduced the size of the containers

  • Added the option to completely clear the blacklist. To do this, in the settings of the “Contact list” window (gear in the right corner), you must select the “Clear blacklist” option.
  • Added the option to change sight colour. To do this, in the “Settings” menu, go to the “Interface” tab and in the “Gameplay” section, change the sight colour to one of the predefined options.
  • The “Characteristics” window for paint cans now shows your current armoured vehicle, painted in this colour.
  • Added the option to switch to a specific player in spectator mode. To do this, open the map window and use the left mouse button to select the desired player.
  • Optimized the “Custom battle” interface, depending on the selected game mode.
  • Now, when you invite friends from the list of friends to a “Custom battle” and scroll through it, the list of friends will not be updated every time you change the status of one of the players.
  • Now you can track a total of up to four different challenges. Their progress will be displayed on the debriefing screen.
  • The information window can now be brought up in the “Clan battles” leaderboard.
  • Added a timer before the start of the next season in the description of the “Clan battle”.
  • Added visual display of the active perk for the machine gun “ST-M26 Tackler”.
  • The interface of the Settings section has been improved and optimized.
  • Now, when you get several identical patches, an alert about this is displayed once.
  • Improved dynamic range settings.
  • Added a sound for completed challenges.
  • Added sounds for invisibility mode.
  • Improved the sounds for explosions of mines and barrels at long distances.
  • Improved the sounds of incoming Mandrake shells.
  • Improved the sounds for different types of weapons.
  • Recently purchased items on the market can be sold at a price that will be no more than 10% lower than the purchase price. The restriction is still valid for 20 hours after purchasing the part.
  • Now, when choosing a specific region in the “Network” section, the game may match you only within this region. In order to activate this possibility you should enable “Restrict battles to this region” option. Please note that the choice of a single region can significantly increase the queue time! To reduce the waiting time we recommend using the “Auto” setting.
  • Optimized controls of wheeled vehicles with a gamepad.
  • Improved the mechanic issuing patches “MVP”. Now, with an equal number of points received, the “best” player is the player who deals more damage to opponents. If this value is identical too, the patch is issued to the one who killed more players.
  • Machine gun “MM5-4 Vector” is now called “Vector”.
  • The cannon “Mammoth” is called “ZS-46 Mammoth”.
  • Improved the appearance of the parts “Small strut” and “Medium strut”.
  • Improved appearance of the cabin “Photon”.
  • The appearance of the “Fuel tank” part has been improved.
  • The appearance of the boosters “B-1 Aviator”, “Blastoff” and “Hermes” has been improved.
  • Improved weld spots for the cabin “Harpy”.
  • Improved burning effects.
  • Optimized visual effects of the “Furnace” decor.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where challenge tracking was dropped when leaving the game.
  • Now it is impossible to install structural parts under the suspension of the armoured car.
  • Fixed a bug in which Lancelot's explosives with CK Viper applied to it did not detonate upon contact with an enemy.
  • Improved interface of the debriefing screen. Challenge progress no longer overlaps with the progress of daily tasks and special events.
  • The collision of environment objects on the maps “Broken Arrow” and “Blood Rocks” has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage of the pulse booster “Scorpion” could fail to decrease when hitting parts.
  • Fixed a bug that increases the icons of the module when it is activated.
  • Fixed the location of some objects on the maps “Cursed mines”, “Ship Graveyard” and “Nameless Tower”.
  • Fixed incorrect location of checkpoints on the Founders Canyon map in the “Race” brawl.
  • Changed spread of the shotgun “Breaker”. Now it is fully consistent with the spread of the shotgun “Hammerfall”.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Aegis-Prime shield effect appeared briefly when the module was replaced in the brawl Battle Royale.
  • Fixed a bug related to the lack of repair sounds in the brawl Battle Royale.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect location of portraits in banners at high resolutions.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the icon of the perk of the “M-29 Protector” machine gun at certain screen resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to the appearance of two leaders in the raid “Perimeter Breach” on the “Lost Coast” map.
  • Fixed bugs related to clans or clan battles:
    • A bug with endless clan list loading.

Small update, 25.04.2019[]

  • Fixed a bug with booster disappearing from build mode when loading the blueprint and in the "Big Black Scorpions" brawl.
  • Improved client stability.

Small update, 29.04.2019[]

  • Fixed a bug with mismatching actual and displayed base capture area on the "Sandy gulf" map.
  • Fixed a bug with unintended loud movement sounds for the "ML-200" mechanical legs.
  • Fixed bugs with incorrect paint application to the part "Terribull bar" and the cabin "Photon".

Update of 01.05.2019[]


May is the most important month in the confrontation between the Tankman and Mitchell because it was this month several years ago that they met and organized a group of tank lovers. Therefore, at the end of spring, they strive for victory as never before and fight particularly fiercely. This year, both leaders got their hands on the blueprints of the famous powerful cannon from the past, and now the tanks of both groups are even more dangerous than before...

Attention! The event “Spring Mayhem” will last from April 30 to May 14, 20:55 GMT!

On PS4 and Xbox One the event will last from May 2 to May 16, 20:55 GMT!

Brawl “Spring Mayhem”[]

  • The brawl will be active from April 30 to May 14, 20:55 GMT.
  • “Spring Mayhem” will not replace the rest of the brawls, held on schedule.
  • Battles take place on pre-selected armoured tanks.
  • The battles follow the “Encounter” scenario in the “Best of 3” format.
  • Preview of the location and team members at the beginning of the battle is disabled.
  • A victory earns the player rating points, the number of which depends on his place in the rating table and belonging to one of the leagues.
  • A defeat leads to the loss of a certain number of rating points.
  • Reaching each league level opens up new unique rewards (decor and paint).
  • In addition, all participants in the battle, depending on their contribution, receive reputation points and scrap metal at the end of each battle.

For victories in the brawl you can get the following rewards:[]

  • Win 3 battles and get a common sticker “Sharknado”.
  • Win 5 battles and get a rare sticker “Panther fury”.
  • Win 8 battles and get a rare sticker “Wicked rhino”.
  • Win 15 battles and get an epic sticker “Broadside!”.
  • Win 20 battles and get an epic sticker “Armoured victory”.

The list of leagues and corresponding rewards (in order of increasing the level of the league):[]

  • Tin (100-199 rating points). Reward — 2 common rarity stickers “36th Brigade”.
  • Copper (200 - 399 rating points). Reward — 2 common decor pieces “Chainmail”.
  • Iron (400 - 599 rating points). Reward — rare paint “Carbon mint”.
  • Bronze (600 - 799 rating points). Reward — rare decor “Surface-decor”.
  • Silver (800 - 1199 rating points). Reward — rare paint “Lemon smoke”.
  • Gold (1200 - 1499 rating points). Reward — epic decor “Tactical birch”.
  • Palladium (1500 - 1699 rating points). Reward — epic decor “Trophy stand”.
  • Platinum (1700 - 1999 rating points). Reward — epic decor “Goddess of victory”.
  • Diamond (2000+ rating points). Reward — epic decor “Crew duck”.

Please, note that all the unique rewards you may receive in “Spring Mayhem” are not tradable.