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Spring's in full swing in the Wasteland. The day is approaching when the faces of even the most serious Survivors will shine in a smile under the mask. Friends, let's greet April 1 in Crossout!

Brawl “Dude, where'd you get the car?”[]

Especially for the “Day of humour and practical jokes” we prepared our special brawl, that everyone can take part in. You will fight on random and unusual armoured vehicles, which were selected by us from the exhibition! So do not be surprised if you have to fight on a stove against a dragon, and after your destruction and rebirth you will turn into a pram armed to the milk teeth :)

The event will last until April 3.


You have been asking us for a long time to increase the realism in the game, and in this update we decided to increase it for all vehicles, and we will start with tyres.


  • Now all tyres can be “punctured”. It is enough to reduce their durability by 10%.
  • Now the wheels (except Lunar and their analogues) can be punctured.
  • A speed limit of 35 km / h is imposed on the punctured tyres.
  • The punctured tyres reduce the overall height of the craft.
  • New effects. When all your wheels are damaged, violent screams will begin to be heard from the cabin in a language that can not be translated.


  • In addition to tyres, hovers were also improved. Now they will have a one-time supply of fuel (like boosters), but they can be turned off by stopping consumption. Now hovers can be assigned a power toggle.
  • Another innovation that will affect the hovers will be the possibility of changing the flight altitude. Each new meter of height increases fuel consumption per second by half from the previous one (5, 10, 20, 40, etc.)
  • Also, an explosion of a hover with fuel will deal 5 damage to the craft for each unit of unused fuel.
  • Perk. With a 10% chance, the hover will not explode, but will start to work uncontrollably at maximum power by moving the car around the map at tremendous speed. Orbital launches are possible.
  • 1 second of work consumes 5 units of fuel. Each hover has its own independent tank.

Icarus VII

  • 300 units of fuel.
  • Area of explosion 2 m.

Icarus IV

  • 400 units of fuel.
  • Area of explosion 5 m.


  • All types of tracks have undergone changes. Now they will accelerate more slowly, we are sure that this will increase their realism. On average, tracks will accelerate to their maximum speed over 20 seconds.
  • Also tracks can be “broken”. Then the survivor will appear from the cabin and will begin to swear strongly about the kind of vacuum cleaner he was given.


  • Since augers are large metal rods, it seemed unrealistic to us that they could break from bullets, fire, mines, rockets and shells. But on the whole, they turned out to be configured so realistically that, besides increasing their durability, no other changes were needed.
  • All guns now only deal 10% of their damage to the Meat Grinder.


You often complained that a low-mass vehicle can move a heavier vehicle with “Legs”. They were modified according to the most frequent requests. Now, your craft, which only has “MN-L 200” as its movement parts, is immovable: neither a stab in the side, nor five enemies pulling harpoons, nor even pressing the movement buttons can shift you.

New parts[]

New chassis “H-Over9000”

We decided that the new version of hovers might be too revolutionary for the players, so we are introducing a new type of hover, similar in principle to the old versions. We are sure it will help players to better adapt to new realities.


  • Rarity: legendary;
  • PS: 2250;
  • Durability: 666;
  • Mass: 225 kg.;
  • Fuel consumption per second 2;
  • Fuel stock 9000;
  • Each hover reduces engine power by 3%;
  • Perk: “The destruction of hover does not lead to an explosion”;
  • New effect. After 90 seconds, the hovers begin to glow and make a terrible sound like a roar of a motor.
  • It will be possible to get this part within two hours after the update, on the Engineer workbench, exchanging for eight hovers “Icarus VII”, or five “Icarus IV”, or one “Icari IX”.

Fuel tank “Tank”


  • Rarity: legendary;
  • Mass: 5t.;
  • Dimensions (in cells) 10x10x30;
  • Durability: 310 units.;
  • Perk: “During the explosion, the car deals 5000 damage to everyone within 15m.”;
  • The second perk: “After the battle, if you won and the “Tanker” survived, it gives the amount of fuel according to the number of reputation points received”.
  • Get the “Tank” while you can only in the new pack. A little later it will be possible to build it on the engineer workbench.

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 400 units of electronics
  • 400 units of batteries
  • 150 units of uranium
  • 1 fuel tank

And just please do not ask about the electronics.


  • In an effort to increase realism, we decided to introduce “Inflation” to the market. And also we introduce trader bots.
  • Each month, the percentage of commission from transactions will increase by 1%.
  • The trader bots will exchange your goods, but take 10% of their value from each.
  • Trader bot changes are not subject to inflation.

New resources[]

Continuing the theme of enhancing realism, which you have been asking us for a long time, we decided to make consumable cartridges for all machine guns and cannons.

  • To craft ammo you need a new resource: “Saltpeter”.
  • A box of machine gun cartridges for 100 bullets — 10 Saltpeter;
  • Cannon shells — from 6 to 10 Saltpetre (depending on rarity);
  • Rockets — 10 Saltpetre per 1 pc.;
  • Explosive spear (of any type) — 20 Saltpetre.
  • New sound effect. In the event of a shortage of resources, there will be a sound cue: “We require more saltpeter...”

We are expanding battery functionality. Now they will be used by all energy weapons.

  • 1 shot of quasar — 1 battery.
  • 1 volley of plasma guns — 1 battery.
  • 5 seconds of the “Spark” — 0 batteries.

At the moment, “Saltpeter” will be issued in the same battle and in the same amounts as “Batteries”. In two weeks, we will stop issuing “Saltpeter”, since there are no plants in the new world, no one creates shells and does not extract resources. (The batteries will also be discontinued for the same reasons.)

However, we plan to leave the option of buying “Saltpeter” in factions on a permanent basis. It can be exchanged on the machine of Steppenwolfs. For 10 Saltpetre, Shatal will give you 42 units of metal. Oh.., it's take, not give.

New pack[]

“Scrapman” is the true face of the wasteland.

You don't know him, but he's always been here. You did not notice him, but he always saw you. Once he just appeared in the Wasteland, nailed whatever he saw and set off, demonstrating to everyone the true forces of imagination.

We are pleased to show you the new pack that can unlock the old wisdom.

The pack includes:

  • Unique car: “Scrappy”;
  • Weapon: “Junkbow”. - You will have to craft it yourself;
  • — Reduction of usable parts to 55;
  • Unique sticker: “I'm mom's little technician”;
  • Random temporary part of any rarity from white to gray;
  • Legendary fuel tank “Tank”.

Unique structural parts do not unlock with the faction prestige levels, since they don't exist. You can assemble the car yourself. To do this, just open the warehouse and stick whatever you see where the cursor will be.

New event[]

Scrapman brought not only beds, irons and carts to the Wasteland, but also the unique “Scrapfight” competition. And you no longer need to choose whether to go for resources or play a new event, now you can do it right away! To participate you need to build the “best car” and start any battle.

In fact, this event has long been uploaded to the servers and is very popular, especially at low PS.

Fug bixes[]

  • Fixed a bug in the counting of destroyed cameras in the “Adventure” mode.
  • Fixed extremely fast loading maps on powerful machines, preventing the reading of hints on the load screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error to write errors in the erroneous bug.
  • Bixed some fugs and topys in txets.